About 21writers

Who we help, what we do, what’s our philosophy and story.

Who we help

We help SaaS companies that have reached product-market fit and have over $3,000,000 annual revenue. These companies are in perfect position to scale with content marketing. But they lack structure, systems, teams, tools, and guidance how to do so.

Who we don’t help

1. Companies still trying to find their place in the market.

If I you have no idea who your ideal customer is, or if your churn rate is higher than 50%, then you likely don’t have product-market fit. In this case, you’re better off spending your marketing budget on developing relationships with prospects through outbound & community-driven channels.

2. Companies that aren’t obsessed with user experience.

If your blog is in disarray and your branding and design outdated, then content marketing won’t have as big of an impact for you as it could. In this case, you’re better off spending your marketing budget on enhancing your branding, design and positioning.

3. Companies that treat content as a commody.

If you believe A) that spending $2,000 to $10,000 on a blog post is “outrageous”, B) that you should publish one article every day, and C) that good article length is ~1000 words… Then you’re likely treating content as commody and not as business assets. In our experience, companies with this mentality prioritize immediate gain over long-term value, and don’t make decision based on predictable and measurable ROI.

If you found yourself in one of the buckets above, that’s okay. Here’s who you can reach out to for help:

  • For improving your design: TBA
  • For improving your branding: TBA
  • For reaching product-market fit: If you need help reaching product-market fit and getting your SaaS off the ground, then Kalungi, our biggest competitor, is your go-to agency. Their focus is on more general SaaS marketing, while we at 21writers hyper-focus only on organic content funnels.

(Note, I’m not an affiliate or in partnership with any of the agencies listed above.)

What we do

We help SaaS companies turn their blog into a 7-figure organic funnel that attracts visitors, turns them into leads, and converts them into customers.

Figure 1: Organic traffic funnel for SaaS. Unlike other content agencies, we don’t just “do content marketing” – we build organic traffic funnels for SaaS companies. And because we deeply understand the SaaS customer lifecycle, we can offer support at every step of the way.

When you’re done working with us, you will:

  • Rank for all important keywords,
  • Become a magnet for new customers,
  • Be seen as the content leader in the space.

We achieve this transformation by following our unique 6-step process. Click here to read it.


Content quality and reader’s experience are our obsessions.

Here are three principles that make sure every project is the best it can be.

  1. Understand Deeply
    Don’t write a single word until you know the reader better than they know themselves.
  2. Rapidly Iterate
    First drafts are never the winners. Best ideas come after dozen iterations.
  3. Two brains are better than one
    Everyone has blind spots, no matter how smart. Everything you put out should be quality-checked by at least 2-3 people.


Part 1. The Beginning

I, Mihael, started writing blogs in the last year of my studies. I was a Physics student who had fun finding elegant solutions to complex problems. As graduation was getting closer and closer, I became torn between my blog and a career in academia.

I decided there are enough scientists messing with sub-atomic particles, but not enough scientists innovating ways of making money blogging.

The choice was easy.


Part 2. The Challenges

I was lucky to have found some great clients early on. Big SaaS influencers. Energetic startups. Enterprise software companies. I got to try every content strategy… every link-building technique… and every traffic optimization trick under the sun. Then I made new ones.

I got to see how CMOs make decisions. How writers think. How agencies work. And I got to see what worked, and what didn’t.

Two main things I learned were:

  1. Few companies are willing to invest 40+ hours into a single article.
  2. Few companies are willing to optimize their traffic for conversions.

Companies that did, penetrated competitive markets and saw stellar ROI from their content. But companies that didn’t, never took off the ground. Sad. They were good companies, with good products.


Part 3. The Journey Forward

My clients got great results with my new services. (You can read about it in case studies). The market confirmed that I’ve discovered the perfect content model. I wanted to share it with the world. I made an agency.

I built this agency for SaaS companies that don’t want mediocre results… For CMOs who don’t want to hold hands of agencies they hire.

SaaS companies deserve a content marketing agency that knows how content fits into their marketing ecosystem, and can help them with every stage of the funnel. And that can be relied on. To take responsibility for leads generated. And that can create advanced, specialized content — the kind of content that penetrates the SERP and shakes the industry.

Our services are for companies who want to become leaders. Strong brands. The obvious choice.

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