About Mihael Cacic 

Who we help, what we do, what’s our philosophy, and contact information.

Who we help

We help bootstrapped SaaS companies that have reached product-market fit, have reasonable churn and trial-to-paid ratio, and at least 500 customers. These companies are in perfect position to start scaling, but they lack structure, systems, teams, tools, and guidance how to do so.

Who we don’t help

1. Companies still trying to find their place in the market.

If I you have no idea who your ideal customer is, why your product is unique, in which categories you’re first, or if your churn rate is higher than 50%, then you likely don’t have product-market fit. In this case, you’re better off finding beta testers thorugh social oureach & community-driven channels, like forums and closed groups.

2. Companies that aren’t obsessed with user experience.

If your website is in disarray and your branding and copy and design outdated, then marketing won’t have as big of an impact for you as it could. In this case, you’re better off spending your marketing budget on enhancing your branding, copy, design, and positioning.

3. Companies that treat content as a commody.

If your publishing philosophy is “churn it & burn it”, have no interest in helping and educating your customers, and aren’t willing to invest for at least above average content… Then you’re likely treating content as commody and not as core business assets. In our experience, companies with this mentality prioritize immediate gain over long-term value.

What we do

We run masterminds for SaaS companies where we teach how to go from product-market fit to multi-million dollar valuation — as fast and efficiently as possible.

To do that, we have two programs that solve multiple problems with growing SaaS companies. The first one, CL-Infusion, helps you get customers fast and completely risk-free through break-even funnels. The second one, Redshift, helps you get customers organically in a compounding fashion over longer time horizons through organic funnels. 

Figure 1: Organic traffic funnel for SaaS companies. You won’t just learn SEO & content marketing. Instead, you’ll learn how to build organic traffic funnels step-by-step… doing the right things in the right order and at the right time.

Both programs are a combination of a course, community coaching, and a mastermind.

  • Course: all you need to know is immediately available for taking immediate action
  • Community coaching: any questions you have while taking action are resolved on weekly group calls or in the Slack community.
  • Mastermind: tips, tricks, insights, learnings, and experiences that members get while taking action are shared on monthly mastermind calls where we take our collective knowledge to the next level. 

The goal is to create a tight-knit community where we all know each other, help each other, and share our knowledge in a relaxed, fun, and supportive and non-competitive environment. That’s why we take on a very limited number of new members and have a strict screening process.


Results are important. But our main value is to grow and understand; to become top 0.1% of marketers, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs. We believe the best way to become that is by following certain principles:

  1. Community – “I win, when we win.”
  2. Iteration – test things fast and often
  3. Courage – practice first, theorize later
  4. Harmony – Remove noise, stay coherent
  5. Results – product quality and customers results are #1
  6. Understanding – Keeping mastering the fundamentals
  7. Improvement – if it’s not broken, fix it and get to the next level
  8. Questions – right questions raise right issues and produce insight
  9. Simplicity – if it can be explained on one page, explain it on one page.

Contacting us

For anything business related contact me, Mihael, via email: Mihael@21writers.com

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