Case Study: How we got 1379 clicks and 138 leads for one B2B SaaS with just 5 articles in 5 months. 

This strategy is not ideal for every business.

It’s designed for B2B SaaS companies in hyper-competitive industries whose software is unique in at least some way. If that sounds like you and you want to get high-quality leads and sales from your blog on auto-pilot, then THIS is the strategy to do it.

Watch this 17-minute case study review to learn how:

You will learn:

  • Special SaaS Keywords to target get 2-8% cold Google traffic to convert into free trials.
  • Specific Content Format to use to consistently rank on the first page.
  • The type of Software Research you now have to do after Google’s core “Helpful Update”.
  • The Product Copywriting technique that creates demand for your product.
  • The only three SEO tweaks you need to do to rank in 2023 and beyond.

Need some help?

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On the call, we’ll discuss if this strategy would even be a good fit for your company. Then, I’ll prepare a list of keywords we can target, along with ROI calculations, so that you can make an informed decision about the investment.

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