Case Study #2:

Creating advanced, specialized articles for Sandra that convert more than 5% cold traffic.

Conversion-focused Writing

“I paid for 50,000 words of content and my prospects HATE it…”

Sandra’s face turned red.

Selling complex software to B2B industry experts isn’t easy…

They are smart, savvy, sharp; and want every little detail before buying as a big investment and a wrong decision can set back their enterprise for months.

In the past, Sandra had to hire & train new salespeople to essentially educate her prospects on her software…

Not only was this time-consuming, but many decided the software wasn’t a great fit for them afterward.

So lots of demo calls…

Lots of back-and-forths…

All for nothing.

Sandra needed to automate this process.

She knew she needed CONTENT that would educate her prospects on autopilot, so her salespeople could do more of … you know … selling.

A friend of hers recommended me — so we partnered up…

I made her a content strategy on topics I knew would convert lots of cold traffic for her SaaS…

But when she checked my content calendar…

“Nice, thanks Mihael! Goodbye now.”


She didn’t need me anymore.

“I know writers who charge 1/3 your price. I just needed the strategy.”

That’s true.

This deal works for many “saas X agency” partnerships.

She was confident she could handle content creation alone — and I was fine with it.

Over the next few months Sandra followed my strategy to the T; diligently crafted every part of the funnel and went after every keyword like a bloodhound.

But when the results came…

I could hear it in her voice: the burning desire to stab me — and twist the knife.

Her articles were getting near zero conversions … and the leads that did request a demo were very low quality.

She called me in the middle of the night.

“Fix this or else I’ll kidnap Lacrosse”

Lacrosse is my favorite pet turtle…

I had no choice.

Next morning I dug into her articles.

“God damn, Sandra…”

The writers she hired were making beginner level content out of my keywords — which obviously didn’t impress any B2B experts.

Worse, these articles even hurt her reputation.

(No wonder she was mad.)

Later that day we hopped on a call and I showed her my in-depth 18-step writing process for creating advanced, specialized content in cases like this — where you need to impress real industry experts making important business decisions.

She agreed —

I took over her content production…

And after a few months, this happened.

The highlighted articles were all made by us.

The articles in gray were made by Sandra’s freelancers.

Now check the second last column… All our articles convert up to 10%.

Note that these stats were taken from the landing page section in GA. Meaning the people who signed up didn’t know who Sandra was before landing on the article.

(Talking about first impressions, eh?)

But that’s what happens when your articles are written at the appropriate skill level for your audience.

They rank, convert, and show everyone you’re the boss.

Sure, they require special knowhow to make…

But it’s not impossible.

You have to merge copywriting, blogging, journalism, storytelling, and SEO into one single beast of a skillset.

Which means they create a HUGE economic moat for your business.

In fact…

They’re like SEO-driven sales pages that your target audience LOVES to read — and that your competitors can’t replicate.

Sandra knows this now.

She knows that every article she gets from me is a proper asset for her business…

Something she’ll be able to reuse for years in every possible marketing channel to educate her prospects.

  • SEO…
  • Sales…
  • Emails…
  • PPC ads…
  • Social media…
  • Cold outreach…

You name it.

One business asset that improves EVERY marketing campaign she runs.

There we go — job well done.

Sandra is happy, I can sleep again, and Lacrosse is safe…

But what about you?

Do you also sell SaaS products to experts?

Then let’s hop on a discovery call where you can tell me more about your business and see how the 18-step writing process can help with scaling your SaaS sales.

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