Case Study #1:

Helping Matt go from 20 to 200 product trial signups per month with his blog.

Lead-focused Content Strategy

8 months ago a SaaS founder, Matt, asked me for help with his blog.

He’s been publishing content for five years and gets 6,956 traffic every month…

… But only 19 user signups. (Womp womp)

His traffic is essentially useless.

I took a look at his blog and realized he is writing the wrong kind of content to attract people interested in his SaaS product.

So I changed ONE principle in his strategy and forced him to write LESS content.

And what has this led to?

His signups started growing immediately.

In fact, after 7 months working together his signups went from 19 to 199 per month…

And the total blog conversion rates from 0.3% to 6.77%…

NOTE: these are direct product trial signups, each worth $203 to Matt.

And just like that Matt’s allowance increased by $40,400 per month.

But here’s the kicker…

Doing this was as simple as making one new google sheet.

This Matt dude was sitting on a SaaS GOLD MINE for five years and didn’t even know it.

In fact, gauging at how much untapped potential we still have I’m confident we can achieve ~1,000 free trial signups/month this time next year…

And if we increase his (miserable) 6% trial-to-paid ratio with a good product onboarding sequence I bet Matt could be looking at packing additional $1,000,000 recurring revenue from his blog each year.

I can do this, but not because I’m any smarter than Matt.

I’m not.


The only reason why I can do this is because I already figured this stuff out while working at a 7-figure SaaS company.

Once you see it’ll be obvious to you, too.

And then, just like Matt, there will be no more late nights worrying about what’s the RIGHT content to focus on to grow your software biz.

Perhaps you’re sitting on a SaaS Gold Mine too, but dunno it?

Schedule a discovery call and let’s find out.

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