Case Study #3:

Using special optimization techniques to recover this client’s articles from the depths of hell to the first page in 3 weeks.

On-page SEO & NLP Optimization

Do you know NLP?

Natural … Language … Processing …

Yes, that’s it.

It’s the latest new thing in SEO, and it works like magic.

If your articles aren’t performing up to your hopes…

You should definitely check it out.

Here’s what I mean:

Back in June, I wrote a really high quality article for my client.

We published it on the 7th with high hopes…

But we were let down big time:

The article lingered at the bottom of the second page for a few weeks…

Then it completely disappeared from Google.

Zero Traffic.

I was hoping it’d come back as the URL aged a bit… But it never did.

So I decided to do something.

On August 16th I spat in my hands and made these tweaks:

  • Rewrote the intro…
  • Improved on-page optimization…
  • Increased the NLP score from 25 to 90-something by including more “keyword objects” in my article…

Update — *click* — done.

I went to bed.

Three days later I was at a meeting when I got a notification from Whatsmyserp…

*Alexa voice: “your keyword is ranking in the 9th position today.”

I spat out my coffee.

According to my strategy, this was a lucrative keyword.

Ranking first page could mean some serious muney for my client.

I kept my eye on the keyword over the next two months:


And climbing…

And more climbing…

Until it reached the 4th position.

What the frick?!

From being off Google’s radar to ranking Top Four…

This NLP stuff is the real deal.

But it wasn’t only the core keyword that was ranking…

Long-tail followed too.

About 2/3 of clicks to this article now comes from other keyword variants.

You should’ve seen the smile on my client’s face when he said this is now his most profitable article…

With a 6.94% conversion rate, it got 20 product sign ups in October alone.

All that without changing a single sentence.

That’s the power of SEO & NLP.

Don’t underestimate it.


NLP optimization only works under ONE condition:

You’re optimizing high quality content.

Here’s how it goes:

Content Quality + NLP = Rankings.

And that’s true even if…

  • Your backlink profile isn’t the best.. (like my client’s)
  • Your competition is much stronger… (like my client’s)
  • Your domain doesn’t have authority… (like my client’s)

Now just imagine how much traffic SaaS owners are losing because they have good content but they don’t do this NLP stuff.

Are you that SaaS owner?

Are you sitting on a pile of high quality content that isn’t performing?

Or do you need someone to create that pile for you first?

Let me know.

Schedule a discovery call and let’s talk about it.

I know just the guy to help you out.

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