Mighty Networks vs Kajabi: A Personal Review (May 2024)

Mihael Cacic
Matija Laznik
Anja Jazbinsek
Updated date: May 1st, 2024

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Should you capitalize on a readily nurtured fanbase or build a new community around your online course?

That’s where Mighty Networks and Kajabi take different paths.

Mighty Networks is community-centered, while Kajabi puts digital products first. For years, Kajabi has been the industry standard in the course creation arena, but 2017 has witnessed the launch of a serious contender, Mighty Networks.

In this article, I’m reviewing Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi with regard to the following points:

  1. Course Creation
  2. Community
  3. Marketing Tools
  4. Potential Growth
  5. Payments and Pricing

Comparison Summary: Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi

Kajabi is best for digital product creators running their businesses with a small team. It has a higher price tag because it’s an all-in-one solution but this makes it easier for creators to run their business from a single platform. On the other hand, Mighty Networks is the best choice for content creators who are focused on building a branded community. They’ll need to rely on third-party tools for marketing and course material, but a highly engaged following can yield more growth in the long run.

Mighty Networks Kajabi


14-day free plan. Community Plan is $39/mo, Business Plan is $119/mo, Pro Plan varies.


14-day free plan. Basic Plan costs $149/mo, Growth Plan is $199/mo, Pro Plan is $399/mo.

Course Features


No structured courses for community plan. Limited control over course layout.


Structured courses for all plans. Provides advanced assessments and digital product templates.



Robust community. Unlimited number of members and admins. Interactive post types.


Separate product. Limited number of members and admins. Alternative to Facebook groups.

Marketing and Sales


Limited Ambassador program for members. No web pages or email marketing automation.


Advanced affiliate program for members. Email marketing tools, website and landing page builder.



Mighty Insights reveal community interaction. Google Analytics integration for Business plan.


Built-in analytics for revenue, page views, and more. Google Analytics integration.



Stripe or external options. Transaction fees:
3% on Community Plan, 2% on Business.


Members can pay using Stripe or PayPal. Allows split payments. No transaction fees.



Zapier for external payment options, Zoom events, Slack, and Facebook Pixel.


Zapier, Facebook Pixel, Calendly, ConvertKit, Cloudflare, Segment, Typeform, Drip, and more.

Best for
Creating a strong and interactive community, designing a branded app. Creating an all-in-one knowledge business with websites, email lists, and integrations.
Try free for 14 days
(no card required)
Try free for 14 30 days

What is Mighty Networks?
“Learning as a social experience” 🙋‍♂️🤝

With an early career in tech companies, Gina Bianchini, CEO and Co-Founder of Mighty Networks, wanted to leverage the power of bringing people together for productivity.

Mighty Networks features interactive community spaces, which encourage members to engage through direct messaging and various post types in their social networks. Community hosts can charge for online courses, coaching, memberships, events, and subscription features. It’s a community platform first and an online course platform second.

The target audience of Mighty Networks are creators seeking to build their communities far from the grueling algorithm and social media distractions. Those creators are ideally active on other platforms to draw more members to their Mighty Network.

Note: For a more detailed review, check out our Mighty Networks Review!

What is Kajabi?
“The solo educator’s business hub” 👨‍🏫👑

In 2010, Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser founded Kajabi after trying to teach people how to build sprinkler systems and noticing a demand for online learning.

Today Kajabi empowers “knowledge entrepreneurs” to seamlessly set up and grow their digital product businesses with an all-in-one platform. Kajabi understands that uploading course material is only one side of a teaching business. so it eliminates the hassle of managing third-party tools and specialized team members. Its array of built-in tools includes email marketing, communities, funnels, websites, and integrations.

As a high-end solution in the field, Kajabi is best for professional educators aiming to manage their businesses by themselves.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Course Creation

Mighty Networks has interactive teaching features. Kajabi gives more control over course setup.

Mighty Networks Kajabi
⭐⭐⭐️ ⭐⭐⭐⭐️

Both Mighty Networks and Kajabi have live-streaming options.

Mighty Networks offers cohort courses and native live streaming, allowing you to receive immediate feedback from students. These options prove helpful for Q&A sessions. You can also record live sessions and upload them as pre-recorded course content.

Kajabi allows hosts to go live on the spot or schedule recurring meetups in the form of webinars.

Mighty Networks has basic course creation tools. Kajabi has organized templates and outlines.

Mighty Networks allows creators to seamlessly embed videos and Google Slides within the course lessons.

Kajabi provides pre-recorded video and audio options for all plans. You can easily upload a video or audio to all your individual lessons.

Creators on Mighty Networks need third-party assessment tools while Kajabi has built-in assessments.

Assessments allow course creators to evaluate their students or update course material based on feedback.

On Mighty Networks, you’ll need to use tools like Google Forms or Survey Monkey to get feedback from your students. You can embed external forms in posts, events, and course material. You can also go for quick built-in polls in community posts.

In Kajabi, you can include graded assessments labeled as quizzes in the course outline. They’re tied to individual student profiles and you can automatically send emails upon completion. You can also set a passing grade to ensure students are up to the level of the next lessons.

Winner: Kajabi. For passive income streams, the pre-recorded videos make more sense, and Kajabi enables them in all its plans. Kajabi also gives you more liberty over the course content structure by providing options for integrated videos, audio, and assessments.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Community

Mighty Networks is a master community builder, while Kajabi has a forum-like community.

Mighty Networks Kajabi
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️ ⭐⭐⭐

Mighty Networks is community-centered, while Kajabi supports courses with attached communities.

Mighty Networks is a community platform with built-in analytics capabilities. This way, you can provide courses and activities adapted to communities with specific interests. The Mighty Networks Spaces, which work as organization containers for the communities, include features like cohort courses, content courses, chats, events, pages, and resources.

Meanwhile, Kajabi provides podcasts, communities, courses, and coaching as separate products. You can attach communities to relevant courses in that same offer, though.

Mighty Networks has intuitive spaces, while Kajabi’s circles are more intentional.

The Mighty Networks Community members can post photos, videos, polls, and questions. Prompts encourage members to share personal details and experiences with a friendly interface that mimics social media platforms. Hosts can also share articles with subheadings, several photos, and external links.

Kajabi hosts can create challenges, circles, meetups, and announcements within the same community.

Mighty Networks has a curated feed, while Kajabi has a basic feed.

Members of Mighty Networks can wander around the discovery tab or explore specific spaces. They can make new connections or join suggested spaces. Their feed will show announcements from different spaces or the activity of members they follow. This encourages members to spend time in the community space, even if they don’t have course-related questions.

A Kajabi community appears as a separate product in the home tab of Kajabi members. Members can view the different challenges, meetups, and circles within each community. There are only three options for viewing a Kajabi circle feed; popularity, newest to oldest, and oldest to newest. Post types are also limited to text, photos, and videos.

Mighty Networks has robust member profiles while Kajabi has a basic version.

Members of Mighty Networks can view each other’s activity within the community. They can even follow specific members and message them directly. If you follow other members, their activity will show up in your feed.

Kajabi only shows basic details about each member, including the circles and challenges they’ve joined within the community.

Winner: Mighty Networks. If your online course requires more engagement and interaction between the members, this should be your go-to tool. With its interactive community space, your students will connect, help each other and even answer each other’s questions before you get to it.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Sales and Marketing Tools

Mighty Networks has limited sales and marketing tools. Kajabi is an all-in-one business empire.

Mighty Networks Kajabi
⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐️

Mighty Networks has limited website options. Kajabi can replace WordPress.

Mighty Networks has a “page” option among its spaces, which can be used to create landing pages, welcome letters, and reference material. Creators can add text, photos, and embedded videos.

Kajabi provides an advanced website builder, including a blog, templates for landing pages, interactive blocks, and more. These are reliable alternatives to WordPress, professionally designed and easy to set up.

Mighty Networks requires external marketing tools, while Kajabi can replace ConvertKit.

Mighty Networks has limited marketing features. There are some built-in landing pages available, but you’ll need to market for your community using social media platforms or third-party email-marketing tools.

Kajabi has built-in sales funnels to start building an audience as well as email-marketing tools allowing for broadcast emails and segmentation. You can use automated emails to guide your students through the course, step by step.

Mighty Networks excels in brandability. Kajabi has relatively limited branding options.

Mighty Networks allows hosts to customize the colors and visuals of their networks, as well as use a custom domain for a fully branded user interface.

Mighty Pro offers white-labeled apps, with full control over the app appearance and monetization in App Store and Google Play.

Kajabi provides no additional branding options for its app on Pro Plan. You can only change the website icon and color palette inside the Kajabi app. However, there are professional branding options for coaching offers, courses, and the website.

Both Mighty Networks and Kajabi have additional integrations.

Mighty Networks has Zapier APIs & Workflows on its Business and Pro plans. Kajabi gives you access to over a dozen integrations, including Calendly, MailChimp, and Google Analytics.

Winner: Kajabi. If you don’t want to code or hire a WordPress programmer, go for Kajabi. Its product packages are more affordable than having a separate website, cart, and email-marketing tools. They’re also easier to maintain on a single platform, giving you more time to focus on course creation.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Growth Potential

Mighty Networks has no limits for community growth. Kajabi limits customer and contact numbers by pricing tiers.

Mighty Networks Kajabi
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐

Creators on Mighty Networks can endlessly grow their community.

Mighty Networks is made for community building and hence enables unlimited members, spaces, hosts, and moderators for all its plans. This allows them to retain even inactive members, who might later decide to purchase some products.

Kajabi’s Pro plan is capped at 20,000 customers and 100,000 email contacts.

Kajabi hosts have to pay for more advanced plans to allow in more customers on their membership sites, and 20,000 is the maximum. They also have to purge inactive email contacts to make space for more nurtured leads. There are custom plans available, though.

Winner: Mighty Networks. Choose this tool if you’re aiming for an extended relationship with your followers. Even more, if your digital products go viral, with Mighty Networks you will be able to migrate all your data to an independent branded app.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Payments and Pricing

Mighty Networks has a higher ROI for social-media creators, while Kajabi provides a valuable professional package.

Mighty Networks Kajabi
⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mighty Networks monetizes social experiences. Kajabi sells digital products to members.

Mighty Networks allows creators to generate higher income from a fraction of their following on social media. They can make plans with one or more spaces and choose whether to offer free or paid access. The real value Mighty Networks provides for its members is the sense of belonging to an online community.

Kajabi sells offers to leads nurtured by its built-in tools. A single offer can include multiple products.

Mighty Networks is more affordable. Kajabi gives more value for a higher price tag.

With its affordable starter plan, Mighty Networks allows beginner educators to create a community without online courses.

Starter Plan Business Plan Pro Plan Annual Discount
Mighty Networks $39/month
Live streaming.
Unlimited members.
Structured courses.
Unlimited members.
Growth Plan Plus:
Branded app.
Migration support.
Kajabi $149/month
3 Products.
1,000 Customers.
15 Products.
10,000 Customers.
100 Products.
20,000 Customers.

Kajabi offers its full set of tools and products for starter plans, but they’re limited in number. However, Kajabi is a costly option, if you’re not actually using most of the tools provided, like the website builder and email marketing. Remember that those tools don’t provide the full functionality of their standalone competitors.

Note: For a more detailed pricing breakdown, check out our Mighty Networks Pricing analysis.

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Pros & Cons

Community comes first for Mighty Networks, Kajabi prioritizes selling courses.

Mighty Networks Pros Mighty Networks Cons
✅ More affordable ❌ Limited course design tools
✅ Interactive community feed ❌ Limited marketing tools
✅ Branded apps ❌ Transaction fees
✅ Intuitive user experience ❌ Limited language localization
✅ Unlimited spaces, members, and admins
✅ Premium customer support for all, 1:1 sessions for Pro hosts
Kajabi Pros Kajabi Cons
✅ All-in-one business hub ❌ Limited number of members and admins
✅ Website, pages, and email marketing ❌ Limited products per plan
✅ Integrated assessments ❌ Mediocre marketing tools
✅ Sales Funnels ❌ Forum-like community
✅ Affiliate program
✅ Insightful analytics
✅ Live chat support during business hours, 24/7 for Growth & Pro users

Final Verdict: Mighty Networks vs Kajabi

Mighty Networks is loved by community-based educators, Kajabi grows digital product businesses.

Mighty Networks Kajabi
Best for:

Social media creators with an active following

Best for:

Professional educators running their business alone

The bottom line in determining which of the two is the best online course platform is that each of them serves best to different types of users.

Use Mighty Networks if:

  • You’re aiming to grow a large community
  • Your course content requires a lively learning environment
  • You prioritize brand-ability and engaging user experience

Click here to get started with Mighty Networks!

Use Kajabi if:

  • You aim to reach a wider audience with email marketing
  • You’re aiming to use Kajabi’s built-in analytics and sales funnels
  • You can manage with the limited number of products within each tier

Click here to get started with Kajabi!


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Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.
Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.