Mighty Networks vs Tribe: A Personal Review (May 2024)

Mihael Cacic
Matija Laznik
Anja Jazbinsek
Updated date: May 1st, 2024

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I tried both Mighty Networks and Tribe to test their prowess as all-in-one community-building platforms.

Mighty Networks packs quite the punch as it triples as a website builder, a membership tool, and an online course creator.

On the flip side, Tribe (now Bettermode) is a powerful all-in-one customer community platform. It uses blogs, podcasts, and chats as tools to improve engagement, and retention, and create communal customer experiences.

Even though both platforms do a great job at community management, it’s the little differences that decide which tool works best for you. That’s why I did a deep dive into comparing Mighty Networks vs Tribe to understand these nuances. I took into account the following criteria:

  1. Community building features
  2. Reports and analytics
  3. Gamification & engagement
  4. Course creation
  5. Pricing

So, which one’s for you: Mighty Networks or Tribe? Let’s see!

Comparison Summary: Mighty Networks vs Tribe

Mighty Networks Tribe (Bettermode)


14-day free trial. The beginner plan starts at $33/mo. All plans come with 2 months free if you pay annually.


14-day free trial. The advanced plan starts at $599/mo.

Community Building


Build communities with spaces that support chats, events, courses, feeds, etc.


Block-based, easy-to-use community builder. Blocks support numerous content types including podcasts, job listings, articles, etc.

Reporting and Analytics


Offers analytics via Mighty Insights. Lets you track active members, contributing members, total livestreams, average duration, etc.


Reveals insights on active members, page views, unique visits, etc. Analytics is displayed as intuitive graphs and charts.



Very basic integrations (Stripe, Zoom, Google Analytics) + Zapier + API.


Basic integrations (Discord, Slack, Hotjar, Cookie Consent Manager…) + Zapier + API.

Mobile Apps


Has iOS and Android apps for on-the-go community building and engagement.

No mobile app. But has a Bettermode admin app (Android) designed for admins only to manage their community on the go.

Gamification & Engagement


Limited native gamification. Heavy reliance on third-party apps.


Native gamification and engagement features like leaderboards and custom badges.

Course Creation


Offers a simple course builder.

Has no course builder.

Ease of Use


A bit much to take in at first, but offers clear guides to help.


Extremely user-friendly and easy to get started with thanks to a simple interface.

Best For
Freelancers, educators, and organizations looking for an online community platform to educate and engage their users. Medium to large enterprises looking to monetize their community and employ gamification features to attract new customers.
Try free for 14 days!
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Try free for 14 days!
(no card required)

What is Mighty Networks?
“Create mighty communities with simple tools” 💪🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Gina Bianchini started Mighty Networks in 2017 after witnessing the power of community first-hand while collaborating with a group of engineers and builders on a project.

Mighty Networks lets you quickly set up a community that supports all kinds of content, like pages, chats, feeds, courses, live streams, and more. Helping companies build a vibrant online community is the primary focus. The best part is that all of your community content is under your own brand and domain name, and is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Mighty Networks’ all-in-one platform is quite flexible and can suit anyone from a high-earning freelancer to a large corporation looking to offer courses, communities, and memberships under one roof.

What is Tribe?
“Build your tribe block-by-block” 🏗️ 👷

Tribe (now Bettermode), was founded by Siavash Mahmoudian, Soheil Alavi, and Mohsen Malayeri in 2018 as a white-label community platform that helps businesses create fruitful customer relations.

NOTE: Tribe rebranded to ‘Bettermode’ in 2022.

As a community-building platform, Tribe lets you build any layout using a block-based page builder where you can add various content like PDFs, podcasts, guidelines, questions, and more. You and your circle of members can also have quality interactions through chats, reactions, and integrations.

Tribe has all the key features for large enterprises and entrepreneurs who want to build a loyal customer base by engaging users with activity feed, discussion boards, polls, podcasts, job listings, questions, and more.

Mighty Networks vs Tribe: Community-Building Features

Tribe makes building a community easier than Mighty Networks.

Mighty Networks Tribe
⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mighty Networks offers customizable spaces to promote member interaction, while Tribe relies on customizable blocks for the same.

With Mighty Networks, you can create areas, called spaces, for members to interact via:

  • Chat – where you can allow members to have real-time conversations, share gifs, etc.
  • Feed – where members can share posts and hold discussions.
  • Events – where you can host virtual events or event series.
  • Courses – where people can learn alongside other community members.

You can decide whether you wish to make the spaces public, secret, or allow only select members.

Tribe on the other hand makes creating spaces easier using a block-based system. You can select from different customizable blocks that support specific content like:

  • Discussions – to hold thread-based conversations.
  • Articles – to share long-form posts, blogs, and articles.
  • Questions – to allow members to ask questions and connect.
  • Guidelines – to help your community members better understand the ways of your community.

But, what sets Tribe apart from Mighty Networks is the number of different content types supported by the blocks, including podcasts, job listings, and changelog, as well as the numerous pre-built templates for the mentioned content types.

Both platforms let you host live events. However, Mighty Networks offers more advanced event-creation features than Tribe.

Mighty Networks spoils you with five event types including meeting, Zoom, webinar, text chat, local, and live chat.

But that’s not all — you get to use an AI that assists you in writing event captions to make community building even easier. Just enable the AI feature, type a sentence, highlight the text with your cursor, and watch the Make it Better sparkle icon pop up!

Click on it and choose the option you like, to watch the magic unfurl.

In comparison, Tribe has a simple events post type and doesn’t have an AI to create engaging event descriptions to attract attendees.
But you can always rely on the necessities. Just like Mighty Networks, Tribe lets you add relevant fields like event title, location, date, time, content, etc. You can also add an RVSP button so members can register for in-person and online events.

Pro tip: You don’t want to miss out on the SEO settings per event or any other post to achieve reach and build a larger community!

Winner: Overall, Tribe trumps Mighty Networks because its spaces support more types of content and the block-based system offers a more intuitive workflow. Tribe also saves your time from the start with its numerous pre-made templates to accommodate your interests. But Mighty Networks has an AI helper, so there’s that.

Mighty Networks vs Tribe: Reports & Analytics

Mighty Networks offers great insights but Tribe takes it up a notch with more advanced reports.

Mighty Networks Tribe
⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mighty Networks relies on Mighty Insights™ for reports.

Mighty Networks has a trademarked analytics feature called Mighty Insights™. As the name suggests, it’s quite mighty. It offers detailed insights on:

  • Members – to understand how members interact by tracking total members, contributing members, and new members.
  • Livestream – to track the number of live streams and their total participants, average durations, etc.
  • Plans – to get a peak into subscription data like estimate total revenue, subscription revenue, one-time purchases, etc.
  • Chat – to measure community engagement via chat activities like iOS message senders, top 50 direct message senders, etc.

Tribe focuses on advanced reports and visual representation.

Tribe’s analytics are broken down into categories like people, posts, reach and engagement, and spaces to give you deep insights.

But what changes the game is Tribe’s advanced reporting features like audit and email logs that help admins with reporting, security, compliance, and risk management. The audit log feature helps admins understand who did what, and in which community space. Whereas the email log allows them to track the entire list of emails generated from the community and their statuses like sending, bounced, and delivered.

Tribe also has appealing visual graphics in the form of charts and graphs, making it easier to consume community data.

Winner: Tribe has more detailed analytics with visually modern graphical representations.

Mighty Networks vs Tribe: Gamification & Engagement

Tribe has native gamification features, while Mighty Networks depends on third-party apps.

Mighty Networks Tribe
⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mighty Networks requires integrations for advanced gamification.

Unlike Tribe, Mighty Networks only has:

  • badges available for new members that disappear after 7 days of joining, and
  • an ambassador program where members get recognized and rewarded (optional) for bringing in new people to the Mighty Networks.

You can increase engagement by adding other gamification features to your Mighty Networks via third-party apps.

Tribe has a leaderboard and custom badges to enhance engagement.

Tribe is all for engagement with badges that you can allot members to make them feel included and valued. For example, you can create badges like VIP, active member, top contributor, etc. If you like, you can also use Tribe’s pre-built smart badges for assigning a role or new member.

Tribe also has a leaderboard system that lets you spot your community’s most active members, where the scores are tallied based on the number of posts, reactions, and replies. You can create a custom badge to recognize those members!

Winner: Tribe is a bit ahead when it comes to gamification with its customizable badges and leaderboard system.

Mighty Networks vs Tribe: Course Creation

Mighty Networks has a basic course creator, while Tribe doesn’t have one at all.

Mighty Networks Tribe

Mighty Networks brings simple courses to your community platform.

Mighty Networks has a very basic course builder. You can choose from their options:

  • Content course – allows members to learn as and when they like.
  • Cohort course – allows everyone in the community to learn at the same pace.

You’ll find these fairly basic templates, but nothing concrete to help you create a professional-looking course. Nevertheless, you can enjoy its simplicity if your community doesn’t entirely focus on an elaborate course. You can add lessons and enhance the course with text, videos, images, and even interactive quizzes.

Winner: Mighty Networks is a no-brainer if you require a course creator and are comfortable with very basic course-building functionalities.

Mighty Networks vs Tribe: Pricing

Mighty Networks offers more affordable plans, whereas Tribe has premium pricing for larger communities.

Mighty Networks Tribe
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐

Mighty Networks offers two affordable plans and a free trial.

Mighty Networks has a 14-day free trial, after which you can choose from Community, Business, and Mighty Pro plans. And the best part: if you opt for the annual payment plan, you’ll enjoy 2 months of free subscriptions. The affordability and scalability of the plans make them suitable for most entrepreneurs.

Note: For a more detailed pricing breakdown, check out our Mighty Networks Pricing analysis!

Community Plan Business Plan Mighty Pro Plan

3% transaction fee + Chat/Messaging + Livestreaming + Custom domain + Membership site monetization


2% transaction fee + Online course + Analytics & member data + Priority customer support + SEO

Price on request

Branded app notifications + Mighty insights + White-labeled web and app experience + Unlimited course communities

Tribe asks you to book a demo for a free trial.

Tribe also has a free trial, but you’ll need to book a demo using a business email account to try it. Tribe’s feature-rich starter plan is priced at $599/month, which sounds suited for larger communities or enterprises that wish to build a strong community for the long term.

Advanced Enterprise

Theme customizations + API and webhooks + Single sign-on (SSO) + Customer success manager

Price on request

Custom space templates + Priority support + Custom billing + Security and legal review

Winner: Mighty Networks because of its affordable plans, suitable for different business sizes.

Mighty Networks vs Tribe: Pros & Cons

Mighty Networks Pros Mighty Networks Cons
✅ Affordable plans ❌ Limited native integrations
✅ Basic course feature ❌ Transaction fees applied on all sales
✅ White-label mobile app in the App Store and Google Play ❌ Limited native gamification
✅ Native livestreaming ❌ Spaces don’t support podcasts

Tribe Pros Tribe Cons
✅ User-friendly space builder with templates ❌ Expensive
✅ Advanced visual customization of spaces ❌ No course builder
✅ No transaction fees ❌ No mobile apps
✅ Robust analytics and reports ❌ No SEO help

Final Verdict: Mighty Networks vs Tribe

Mighty Networks caters to all sizes of businesses with community and courses in mind, while Tribe focuses on building relations through content and gamification for large businesses.

Mighty Networks Tribe
Best for:

Freelancers, educators, and organizations looking for a community-building platform away from social networks to educate and engage their users.

Best for:

Medium to large enterprises looking to monetize their community and employ gamification features to attract new customers.

So, which one wins: Mighty Networks or Tribe?

Both platforms are excellent at building communities but are very different when it comes to the goals they can help you achieve.

Mighty Networks focuses on building a community around learning by offering a basic course creator along with community-building tools that facilitate knowledge sharing between members.

Whereas, Tribe helps you manage customer experience within the community while increasing customer engagement using rewards, discussions, polls, podcasts, questions, articles, and more.

That’s why I believe you should…

Use Mighty Networks if:

  • You have a small budget.
  • You want course creation along with community building.
  • You want to promote your digital products with an ambassador program.
  • You want completely white-labeled mobile apps.

Click here to get started with Mighty Networks!

Use Tribe if:

  • Budget is not your concern.
  • You enjoy the ease associated with a block-based community builder.
  • You prefer easy-to-understand analytics charts and graphs.
  • You don’t want transaction fees on all your sales.

Click here to get started with Tribe!


Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.
Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.