Get customers passively.
Become the “obvious choice” even in most competitive markets.

Industry Destroyer is a end-to-end content management service for your blog.
It helps you get more traffic, leads, and customers through advanced, specialized articles.

Who it’s for

Industry Destroyer is for you if you are a SaaS company with over $5,000,000 revenue and have reached product-market fit. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with attracting more visitors to your website and selling your products on autopilot. You aren’t happy with the time it takes for your content to rank. Nor the unpredictability of it. You also don’t want to publish content for the sake of publishing content. You want every article to attract high-quality traffic and increase your revenue.

What it helps you achieve

Industry Destroyer will help you achieve the following in 3 to 12 months.

  • Rank first page for all revenue-generating keywords.
  • Passive backlink generation so you can out-scale competitors.
  • Evergreen articles that can be used anywhere in your marketing or sales funnel.
  • Social media posts for organic growth on your favorite platform.
  • Brand fans that are excited about your articles and products.

How it works

Industry Destroyer takes care of everything content marketing — from topic ideation to content promotion.

  1. Customer research: We analyze 100 sales calls to find your customers’ true challenges.
  2. Market research: Each pain-point is matched with a good keyword.
  3. Contents strategy: Topics are prioritized based on your goals
    1. Money “BOFU” article: Turn visitors into customers.
    2. Value “MOFU” articles: Nurture your audience.
    3. Awareness “TOFU” articles: Build your audience.
    4. Linkable assets: Build passive backlinks to unlock scale
  4. Create advanced, specialized articles: Interview experts and let their insights drive the piece.
  5. Writing social media content: Articles are promoted through social media for short-term traffic.
  6. Backlink profile analysis: A “natural profile” report is made for each keyword to maximize the efficiency of new backlinks and protect against penalties.
  7. Building external backlinks: Articles are promoted through off-page SEO for long-term traffic.
  8. Building internal linking schemes: To increase your topical authority in the eyes of Google and your customers.
  9. Optimizing for conversions: As per our Starbird service.

If you have more than 10,000 monthly visitors, we can also run retargeting ads to maximize the ROI of your traffic.

Here is how it all fits together.

How much does it cost

It depends on how many articles & backlinks you want per month… Or if you want this DFY, DWY, or DIY… Perhaps you want us to do the strategy then train your in-house team and do it yourself. Etc.

For an estimate, check out our instant pricing quiz.

How to get started

Schedule a call using the calendar below. I’ll meet you on Zoom to see if Industry Destroyer is a good fit. If you have any questions, email