1-1 coaching for founders & CMOs of smaller SaaS companies designed to get you customers fast using simple content, other people’s audiences, and break-even funnels.

A Mastermind that:

  • Focuses exclusively on helping bootstrapped SaaS companies increase MRR fast so they can unlock more budget for scaling or product development.
  • It will feel like “creating funding out of air” — but without losing equity or control
  • Is done using simple content, other people’s audiences, and break-even funnels.
  • Focuses on implementation and collaboration (not long boring content)
  • Feels like hanging out with friends (but with real business results)

Ideal Member for the Mastermind:

  • Bootstrapped SaaS company
  • 500-2000 monthly users
  • $10,000-$50,000 MRR
  • Product-market fit
  • $10-$100 ARPPU
  • < 40% churn


Lacking budget for hiring top talent and investing in SEO, development, customer support, sales, marketing, or anywhere else. To make these systems effective requires—especially in competitive niches—huge upfront investments ($100,000 to $500,000), or they don’t generate any ROI. Ever. This period of investing with little to no returns is extremely stressful and is the bane of many startups.

Desired situation

Have enough cashflow to make necessary investments to stay competitive while growing at a fast pace. Minimize confusion, risk, stress. Maximize profits, user satisfaction, founder happiness.


The goal of this Mastermind is to get you $5000 MRR in 10 weeks. Specifically, helping you execute risk-free strategies that will add 10-100 paying users every 7 days with 10-15 hours of work… starting from week one. Predictable and repeatable as many times as you need, until you have enough cashflow to invest in whatever you want.

(For every hour of time you or your employees invest your MRR increases by $25-$50).

How it works

Module 1, Money on the Table this is a “quick win” module, designed to immediately create new cashflow from what you already have. We’ll use low-effort, high-value techniques such as:

  • Raise Prices: Campaigns to safely raise prices by 5-10%
  • Viral Marketing: Launching refer-a-friend & loyalty programs
  • Upselling: Email automations for getting people on higher-tier plans
  • Onboarding: Email automations for converting more trial users into paying users
  • Bootcamp: Email automations for converting leads into trial users
  • Promotions: Email campaigns that multiply the number of leads you have
  • Conversions: Optimizing organic traffic conversions to leads

Module 2, Standard Operating Procedures this module is a collection of all SOPs and Templates you will need to successfully execute all techniques.

  • Writing a “Disruption Story” + Template
  • Writing a “Signature Strategy” + Template
  • Finding Dream 100 SOP
  • Partnership Messages
  • Outsourcing to writers & VAs
  • Value Email Sequences

Module 3, Other People’s Owned Media In this module we’ll be trading our time to get new users by leveraging other people’s owned media. Instead of sending cold emails or messages to our ideal customers one-by-one, we’ll be sending cold emails to influencers, create a partnership, and have our one message multiplied up to 10,000x times. The influencers already have a list of your ideal clients, and have trust and rapport. They can give you access to the people, and transfer that trust to you; while you use the credibility-boosting power of content to make sales.

Difficulty: Easy
Impact: Depends on the influencer’s audience size
Time: Moderate

  • Main Strategy #1: Leveraging Other People’s Email Lists
  • Main Strategy #2: Integrating With Other People’s Welcome Sequences
  • Main Strategy #3: Integrating With Other People’s Products
  • Aux. Strategy #1: Sponsored Community Posts
  • Aux. Strategy #2: Leveraging Other People’s Youtube Subscribers
  • Aux. Strategy #3: Leveraging Other People’s Podcasts Listeners

Doing 1-2 of the above techniques at least 10 times should (1) add 200 new paying users to your base: increasing MRR by $4,000 to $10,000, and (2) add 5000 people to your email list. (It’s also easy to outsource these strategies to VAs once you’ve done them a few times.)

Module 4, Other People’s Earned Media Once you have a bit of money to spare, putting yourself on other’s people earned media is a great way to start building an evergreen stream of clients, social proof, and endorsements from established brands. A side product of this technique is that you get extremely powerful backlinks, which will give you a significant head start once you start investing in your own earned media later.

Difficuly: Moderate
Impact: Medium, but compounding
Time: Moderate, gets faster after building relationships

  • Strategy #1: Sponsored Articles
  • Strategy #2: Sponsored Opt-in Forms

Doing one technique right 10 times should start getting you 20-100 or more new users every month completely passively.

Module 5, Other People’s Paid Media When tuned in, this strategy gives insanely fast growth. It’s also perfect for branding and awareness, and an amazing springboard for shifting to your own Paid Media.

Difficuly: Challenging
Impact: Huge + Scalable (when tuned)
Time: Set up takes some time, ongoing optimization requires little effort

  • Strategy #1: Break-even Lead Funnel

In any industry, it’s almost impossible to break-even selling $10-$100 products through paid media, such as Facebook ads. The cost of customer acquisition will usually be $50-$300, if not more. However, customer acquisition costs grow slower than product price. Meaning, if you sell a $3000 product, the acquisition costs will hardly ever climb above $500-$1500. This is the secret to selling your SaaS through paid media.

In this module, we’ll create a high-ticket offer for your SaaS that we’ll place after your lead generation funnel to recoup your advertising costs. Maybe 1 in 500 of leads will buy this offer, which will be enough to break-even on the ads. The rest of 499 leads will be sent to a email nurturing sequence that will teach and pitch our SaaS.

To start risk-free, we’ll lure affiliates & partners to send traffic down this funnel. We’ll do that by giving them huge commissions on the high-ticket offer (as far as 100%). While they’re doing this, we’ll A/B test and optimize our funnel to fine-tune the message-market fit. Once we do this 3-4 times and we’re confident in our funnel, we’ll buy our own traffic to it. (But that’s something we teach in a different mastermind.)


  • My phone number & Slack for 24/7 availiability
  • Community to collaborate with members
  • 2x 2-hour weekly collaboration calls


  • VIP Beta program
  • 3 spots available


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