LearnWorlds Pricing [May 2024]: What’s The Best Plan For You?

Mihael Cacic
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Updated date: May 1st, 2024

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I give credit when credit is due. The primary benefit of choosing LearnWorlds as your online learning platform is that every single feature it offers is designed to improve student interaction and engagement. From interactive videos that branch out into multiple paths to student self-assessment — LearnWorlds prioritizes student activity through and through.

However, does this benefit justify the hefty price you pay to get the full range of LearnWorlds’ features? The simple answer is: there’s a plan for every user.

Read on to get an in-depth breakdown of LearnWorlds’ pricing and their ideal users. We’ll discuss common pricing concerns and offer alternatives should you decide that LearnWorlds isn’t the best platform for you.

TL;DR: LearnWorlds’ starter plan is affordable but has limited features. Meanwhile, its top plan comes fully-featured for building online schools but is far too expensive for sole enthusiasts venturing into knowledge-based businesses.

LearnWorlds Pricing: In-Depth Look

LearnWorlds has four pricing plans that scale with the number of admin users, cross-platform content, and other features you need.

  Starter Pro Trainer Learning Center High Volume & Corporate


($5/sale transaction fee)
$24 annually


$79 annually


$249 annually

On Quotation
Admins 1 admin 5 admins 20 admins Unlimited Admins
Products Paid courses only,
3 web pages
Free & paid courses,
Complete website,
Full White-labeling,
Unlimited SCORM/HTML5
Support 24/5 email support 24/7 priority email 24/7 premium support 24/7 premium support + onboarding
Additional Features N/A Customizable course player, assessments & certificates, complete site builder Interactive video + auto-subtitles, mobile app, Zoom & Webex accounts Premium cloud server + 99.9% server uptime guarantee, multiple daily backups, custom pricing options

LearnWorlds offers three fixed-payment plans: Starter, Pro Trainer, and Learning Center at $29/month, $99/month, and $299/month, respectively. It also offers a custom pricing plan where you can mix and match features at a negotiated price. All plans have a 20% annual subscription discount.

The High Volume & Corporate plan functions as a live service that includes access to cloud servers with daily backups, flexible invoicing, and premium customer support. It also allows you to have unlimited admins and instructors on your account.

LearnWorlds Starter Plan: $29/month

LearnWorlds’ Starter Plan costs $29/month or $24/month if you commit to an annual subscription.

It’s moderately featured and includes the essentials like basic tools & integrations to create and sell unlimited paid courses to unlimited students, a website builder, quizzes and assessments, and an eBook builder. It’s essentially designed to accustom you to the LearnWorlds UI.

You should note that it charges a $5 transaction fee on every course sale, so it’s maybe better suited for high-ticket and low-volume courses if you’re thinking about the long run.

This plan doesn’t allow you to build a complete website — you’re limited to three pages:

  • Homepage,
  • Course catalog,
  • and After-login page.

LearnWorlds’ starter plan is best for users that want to create and sell paid courses without any additional products or supporting services. You’ll have to go for one of the higher plans if you need advanced online learning tools like:

  • assessments,
  • certificates,
  • live classes and webinars,
  • and a customizable course player.

All things considered, this plan is best for beginners that want to learn about course creation and test out their infobusiness ideas. However, if you’re planning to sell your courses, you should upgrade to a higher plan to avoid paying the transaction fee.

LearnWorlds Starter: $29/month
Pros Cons
✅ Unlimited paid courses and customers ❌ 5$/sale transaction fee
✅ Basic integrations (Google Analytics, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, AWeber…) ❌ Only three products included
✅ Multiple payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, PagSeguro) & Flexible Checkout options ❌ No affiliate marketing

LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan: $99/month

At $79/month on an annual subscription (or $99/month when paid monthly), the Pro Trainer Plan improves on the starter plan by allowing you to create and offer unlimited courses with no transaction fees to your customers — especially useful if you’re looking for a way to provide in-house training to your employees and don’t want for them to pay.

This plan also offers additional features like website, popup, and survey builders, live classes and webinars, subscriptions and memberships, premium integrations, and multiple admins. It offers just the right tools for you to create a feature-complete online school but it doesn’t offer bulk student actions and you’re limited to 5 instructors.

Because of this, the Pro Trainer plan works best for smaller online schools. Additionally, it doesn’t offer LearnWorlds’ highlight feature: interactive videos.

Nevertheless, it provides access to the LearnWorlds Academy — a collection of curated training materials created by LearnWorlds experts.

LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan: $99/month
Pros Cons
✅ Multiple admins/instructors ❌ No interactive videos
✅ Website, pop-ups, and survey builders ❌ Limited white-labeling
✅ Advanced integrations (Referral Candy, Intercom, Mixpanel, Hubspot…)  

LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan: $299/month

The Learning Center Plan is LearnWorlds’ most popular plan, offering the best value for most online schools.

Its highlight feature is the interactive video, which allows you to embed quizzes, titles, buttons, watermarks, and more into your videos. One popular use of this feature is a “choose your path” interactive video where different users progress differently based on their actions during the video.

Other useful features for online learning centers include advanced assessments, white-label websites and mobile learning apps, and student progress reports. This plan also provides bulk user actions which you can use to broadcast emails and perform other automated events on your customers.

Although pricey for individuals and smaller businesses, the learning center plan contains all the tools you need to successfully run an online school. So, unless you’re looking to scale up massively, there’s little need to upgrade to a custom pricing plan.

LearnWorlds Pro Plan: $299/month
Pros Cons
✅ Fully remove LearnWorlds branding ❌ Limited admins
✅ iOS & Android App ❌ No backups
✅ Course Insights reports  

LearnWorlds’ Free Trial

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial for all plans with few limits and restrictions for the Starter, Pro Trainer, and Learning Center plans. It doesn’t require your credit card information, and you can cancel at any time.

The free trial provides a guide on creating an online school and even offers templates for building your academy website. However, if you have not upgraded to a paid plan at the end of the trial period, your online school will would be permanently deleted within a few weeks.

Ideal Users for LearnWorlds Plans

Choosing a LearnWorlds plan ultimately comes down to the size of your online school and what supporting tools you need. Here’s a breakdown:

Choose the Starter plan if:

  • You want to learn how to create online courses and sell them.
  • You don’t need a full website to market your courses.
  • You only need basic integrations.

Choose the Pro Trainer plan if:

  • You want premium integrations with CRMs.
  • You have multiple instructors for your online school.
  • You want to enroll in the affiliate program.

Choose the Learning Center plan if:

  • You’re growing a well-established online school.
  • You want to enhance the student learning experience with mobile learning apps.
  • You want advanced e-learning tools for a professional online school.

LearnWorlds Pricing: Feature Value

LearnWorlds provides the best interactive learning tools on a single platform.

When it comes to the sheer number and sophistication of interactive learning schools, few platforms can match what LearnWorlds has to offer. It allows you to add various learning activities to the same lesson, including multimedia, assessments, forms, and certificates.

There are 16 different types of questions, assignments, and personalized assessments, and students can upload their answers and self-assessments as:

  • essays,
  • videos,
  • audio,
  • PDFs,
  • diaries,
  • and reflection journal.

What’s more, LearnWorlds is very creative with certificates and rewards, thanks to its gamification engine. That way, even if new learners are not interested in certificates, you can keep them engaged with rewards like coupons and course discounts.

LearnWorlds’ customizable course player facilitates interactive and user-driven videos.

LearnWorlds lets you control the appearance of the course player, and show additional information like each student’s progress, course name, and course learners. You can also create course transcripts in multiple languages, provided you’re on the Learning Center Plan.

The customization also extends to the video player — allowing you to create interactive videos with embedded quizzes, table of contents, branching paths, watermarks, and many more. For example, you can change the flow of your videos in real time based on students’ feedback.

Furthermore, LearnWorlds provides a customizable overlay on the video player, so you have an unlimited range of what to embed in your videos. It automatically generates interactive subtitles and transcripts so you only need to create the video content and students that prefer text-based learning can still enjoy your content from the transcript.

LearnWorlds provides several tools for building a branded business.

While LearnWorlds’ branding isn’t as sophisticated as that of dedicated website builders like WordPress and Wix, it’s still great for creating professional, white-labeled websites.

The drag-and-drop website builder allows you to create stunning web pages within minutes and without a single line of code. Moreover, LearnWorlds provides several templates to get you started.

The mobile app builder works similarly, with hundreds of customizations for a truly unique mobile learning experience. It includes a fully integrated test suite for checking that your features work as expected. In addition, you can enhance the app with add-ons, such as analytics, push notifications, and language translations.

Other branding tools include a popup builder for creating highly engaging and attention-grabbing popups and a survey builder for capturing information from site visitors.

LearnWorlds lets you create a branded affiliate program as a passive income stream.

This scalable program is powered by real-time data reporting and is entirely controlled by the end user. For example, you can set custom commission rates, referral expiration dates, affiliate self-registration, and payment gateways.

Furthermore, LearnWorlds allows you to select which products you want to promote with your affiliate program. With this, you can offer private/unlisted courses as well as paid courses on the same account.

The affiliate program comes with an all-in-one dashboard for displaying affiliate information, commissions and their statuses, and detailed data reports on affiliate performance.

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LearnWorlds Pricing: Other Points To Consider

Hidden Costs of LearnWorlds

Aside from a $5 per sale fee in the Starter Plan and an extra fee for creating Android and iOS mobile learning apps, LearnWorlds has no other hidden costs. It offers all the built-in and third-party tools you need to run your online learning center successfully. However, like any learning platform, LearnWorlds has some operational costs, such as:

  • Country-based taxes,
  • Third-party payment processing fees,
  • Costs of migrating from other platforms.

Money-Back Guarantee

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans. If you decide that this platform is not right for you, you can request a refund and LearnWorlds will return your money without question.

LearnWorlds Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

After comparing LearnWorlds pricing to several alternatives, we discovered that it has the most affordable starter plan and is tied for the second most expensive top plan with SamCart and Simplero. Nevertheless, we believe LearnWorlds has the most valuable plans for tutors that want to maximize interaction and student engagement.

Check our LearnWorlds Alternatives article for more details.

LearnWorlds Alternatives Pricing

LearnWorlds’ starter plan is very affordable if you’re a course creator just starting out your infobusiness. However, it lacks several tools that are vital to a sustainable online learning center. You’ll need to upgrade to a more expensive plan if you want to offer your students the best learning experience.

To that end, here are our suggested alternatives based on common concerns about LearnWorlds’ pricing.

LearnWorlds Pricing Concerns Competitor Solution Suggested Alternatives
No free lifetime plan Free lifetime plan + transaction costs Teachable, New Zenler, FreshLearn, Ruzuku, Podia
Limited community features Scalable, engaging community Skool, Mighty Networks
Marketing automation Custom-built sales funnels & pipelines, automated sequences Kajabi, Podia, Teachable
Limited product variety Wide product variety, such as podcasts, digital downloads, and memberships Kajabi, Teachable

LearnWorlds Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a custom domain with LearnWorlds?

You can use a single custom domain for your LearnWorlds website. If you have an existing website, you can register your LearnWorlds website as a subdomain. Furthermore, LearnWorlds provides a free subdomain name for you to use as you see fit.

Am I eligible for a discount as a non-profit learning center?

Yes, you may be eligible for a discount on your subscription if you’re registered as a non-profit organization. Contact LearnWorlds customer support and inform them about your activities, so you can develop a custom pricing plan.

Is there a file upload limit on LearnWorlds courses?

Yes. You can’t upload files that have more than 1GB uncompressed size. That’s why LearnWorlds recommends using a third-party tool like HandBrake to compress your videos and other large files without losing quality.

LearnWorlds Pricing: Conclusion

In summary, LearnWorlds seems expensive if you want to use the full range of its features, but it truly offers the best interactive learning tools of any online learning platform.

The main drawback to using this tool is that it is highly specialized for online schools. As such, it has a smaller product variety and limited marketing automation. If you need a more general-purpose platform, you can take a look at some of our suggested alternatives.

With that being said, based on personal experience, we can confidently recommend LearnWorlds as the best tool for creating a highly interactive online learning center.

Click here to get started with LearnWorlds!

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Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.
Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.