Mighty Networks Pricing [May 2024]: Pick the Right Plan for You

Mihael Cacic
Matija Laznik
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Updated date: May 1st, 2024

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TL;DR: Mighty Networks is affordable but it’s also missing a fair number of features.

Still, there’s a reason why it tops the Online Community Management category on G2.com. Regardless of what Mighty Networks lacks in features, it gives back in member loyalty and engagement.

In this article, we’ll break down the value of each plan on Mighty Networks and propose their ideal users. We’ll also compare the platform to its competitors and suggest alternatives for special use cases.

Mighty Networks Pricing: In-Depth Look

Mighty Networks has unlimited members and spaces for all plans, but you’ll get more features as you upgrade.

Community Business Mighty Pro
Pricing $39/mo
$33 annually

$99 annually

Transaction Fees 3% 2% N/A
User Quotas Unlimited hosts / moderators / members Unlimited hosts / moderators / members Unlimited hosts / moderators / members
Content Quotas 250 GB

5 Streaming hrs/mo

50 Viewers

1 TB

20 Streaming hrs/mo

200 Viewers

Products Livestreaming

Paid Memberships

Live cohort and prerecorded courses


Support Community and priority support Community and priority support Migration services and support
Features Messaging

Events and Zoom integration

Pages and events


Zapier APIs

White-labeled web and app experience

Mighty Networks offers two paid plans and a Pro plan with custom pricing. All plans come with transaction fees in addition to typical payment processing fees.

You can also expand some of the quotas on any plan by purchasing monthly engagement boosts. There’s no free plan, but the platform offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

Mighty Networks Community Plan: $39/month

The Community plan is the most affordable plan on the platform. It costs $33 per month when paid annually and $39 dollars for monthly subscriptions. There’s an additional 3% transaction fee when you charge members for access to your network, spaces, or bundles.

User Quotas Content Quotas Products Support Features Analytics
Unlimited hosts / moderators / members 250 GB

5 Streaming hrs/mo

50 Viewers


Paid Memberships

Community and priority customer support Messaging

Events and Zoom integration

Custom domain

Basic analytics

The Community plan on Mighty Networks is an affordable solution for creators who want to gather their fan base under one roof. It’s not meant for course creation but for community building.

Anyways, the growth of your community will be limited by the storage and livestreaming quotas on this plan. If you aim to educate your followers through written content like articles, this plan will be more than enough.

Though, if you go on regular live streams or share video content, you’ll need third-party tools. This won’t add to your costs if you use free external platforms like YouTube, but it will be less convenient for your community members to keep switching back and forth between platforms.

In the end, the real value of the Community plan is the interaction between community members rather than the educational material posted by the creators.

Community Plan: [$39/month]
Pros Cons
✅ Unlimited members and spaces ❌ No courses
✅ Livestreaming, chat, and subscription features ❌ Transaction fees
✅ Built-in analytics and interactive posts ❌ Limited size for uploads

Mighty Networks Business Plan: $119/month

The Business plan is the most popular plan on Mighty Networks and it costs $99/month when paid annually ($119/month for monthly subscriptions). On top of that, the platform cuts a 2% transaction fee for courses and paid access to your network, spaces, or bundles.

User Quotas Content Quotas Products Support Features Analytics
Unlimited hosts / moderators / members 1 TB

20 Streaming hrs/mo

200 Viewers

Live cohort and prerecorded courses


Community and priority support Pages and events

Table of Contents

Zapier APIs

Advanced analytics

Downloadable member data

The Business plan on Mighty Networks is the best deal for most community creators. With advanced analytics and downloadable member data, you’ll have granular insights for developing your digital products.

This plan also offers generous quotas for:

  • videos (1TB),
  • live streaming hours (20 hrs/mo),
  • and the number of participants (200 viewers).

You might need to expand those quotas and for that, they offer paid monthly boosts as your community grows, but the default numbers should be enough for most communities.

This is the ideal plan if you want to merge built-in content with your existing assets outside the platform. It allows you to connect third-party tools via Zapier integration and link to other websites that complement your business.

Business Plan: [$119/month]
Pros Cons
✅ Prerecorded courses ❌ Branded apps and website
✅ More organized features ❌ Assessments and quizzes in the making
✅ Integrations through Zapier ❌ No built-in email marketing tools

Mighty Networks: Pro Plan (Custom Pricing)

Mighty Networks gives no hint of its pricing for the Pro plan because it largely depends on each business’s needs.

In addition to the features of the Business plan, Might Pro offers the following:

  • Your own branded iOS and Android apps with branded notifications (available in the Apple Store and Google Play)
  • Mighty Pro Design Studio™
  • 1:1 Ongoing coaching and support for community launch and growth
  • Expert support for integration with your external business workflows (CRM/marketing funnels/…)
  • A dedicated community strategist
  • Bi-weekly app maintenance and feature updates
  • Automatic moderation of flagged content
  • Additional live stream and video features
  • Optional community management services

The Pro plan doesn’t offer additional essential features for your community’s growth, but it offers a tailored branding experience. This plan is a bargain if your community is already thriving or if you need to create a white-labeled experience without the technical hassle.

Mighty Pro: [Custom Pricing]
Pros Cons
✅ A scalable, white-labeled web and mobile app ❌ Limited website features
✅ Dedicated support and strategy building ❌ No language localization
✅ Ongoing app updates ❌ Unclear pricing

Ideal Users for Mighty Networks Plans

Any plan on Mighty Networks will accommodate the unlimited growth of your community. But, the upgraded features can serve different business goals.

Choose the Community plan if:

  • You’ve got an existing fanbase on social media.
  • You plan on occasionally hosting live-streaming sessions.
  • You depend on articles and interactive posts to educate your audience and you don’t need courses.

Choose the Business plan if:

  • You aim to have structured courses.
  • You need to integrate with third-party tools.
  • You need advanced analytics for your community.

Choose the Pro plan if:

  • You want to foster the loyalty of your followers.
  • You want to establish a unique, white-labeled experience.
  • You need one-on-one technical support and growth strategy coaching.

Mighty Networks Free Trial

Mighty Networks offers a 14-day free trial for its Business plan so that you can try out all the features.

You can expect to start generating revenue within two weeks if you already have an existing following on social networks. Especially since it now offers built-in AI to speed up the setup process.

Mighty Networks Pricing: Feature Value

Mighty Networks is made for community building rather than course creation.

Mighty Networks has limited educational tools compared to dedicated online course platforms.

For the community plan, educational tools are limited to live streaming and written web pages. If you upgrade to the Business plan, you’ll get built-in course and article features, but the course outline is limited, compared to dedicated course-creation platforms.

You’ll also need to use third-party tools like Google Forms for assessments. More rewarding assessment features like certificates and gamification are also missing.

Mighty Networks has limited marketing tools but it offers Zapier integrations.

There are no marketing tools on Mighty Networks other than the basic website and sales pages.

However, the Business plan integrates with Zapier, so you’ll be able to connect with third-party tools, like ConvertKit.

Mighty Networks simplifies paid memberships.

Your community will deliver more impact when it’s paid because its members will cherish what they pay for. Mighty Networks has various payment options, including one-time purchases as well as monthly and annual subscriptions. You can also set up free spaces or provide a free trial of paid membership sites.

The interactive interface of Mighty Networks is its highest value.

Mighty Networks provides its premium user experience for all pricing plans and sets no limits on your community growth. The sidebar makes it easy to navigate through different spaces and the curated feed ensures your members get updated on what matters to them.

The platform also provides a number of features that encourage members to connect, including interactive post types, direct messaging within each space, and robust member profiles.

Mighty Networks Pricing: Other Points You Should Consider

Mighty Networks charges transaction fees and there are additional costs of third-party tools.

Hidden Costs of Mighty Networks

Besides the monthly rates of the plans on Mighty Networks, there are a number of additional costs:

  • 2-3% transaction fees on all plans.
  • Stripe processing fees, which you’ll typically incur on similar platforms.
  • Monthly engagement boosts to expand on storage, live streaming hours, or participant quotas.
  • Costs of third-party tools, like Zapier and email marketing.

Mighty Networks vs Competitor Pricing

Mighty Networks is affordable, compared to both community and course creation alternatives. Although community platforms Memberful and Patreon offer free lifetime plans, their transaction fees are higher, compared to Mighty Networks.

Another affordable alternative is Discord, which also has a reliable free lifetime plan. But you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan for a larger upload size, which is quite limiting, compared to Mighty Networks. Added to that, if Discord doesn’t provide built-in member subscriptions for your country, you’ll need to pay for a third-party tool like LaunchPass to get that functionality.

Mighty Networks Alternatives

If you aim to monetize several digital products you can use an online course creation platform that includes a community feature, such as New Zenler or Podia. For a more engaging learning experience, we recommend ٍSkool, LearnWorlds, or Xperiencify because of their gamification features.

To simplify your business workflows, we recommend Kajabi as an all-in-one platform that brings all your needs under one roof.

Check our Mighty Networks vs Kajabi and learn how they compare in-depth in 5 minutes.

Here is our suggested list of alternatives based on common concerns about Mighty Networks:

Mighty Networks Concerns Suggested Alternatives
Limited free lifetime plan Podia, Patreon, Discord
Lack of engagement Skool, Xperiencify, LearnWorlds
Limited website Kajabi, LearnWorlds
Limited built-in marketing tools Kajabi, New Zenler
Expensive white-labeling LearnWorlds
Limited course features Kajabi, LearnWorlds
Limited assessment types Thinkific, LearnWorlds

Mighty Networks Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate a Mighty Network with my website and CRM?

Yes. With the Business plan, you can use Zapier to create email sequences and automated CRM workflows. Added to that, Mighty Pro offers APIs and SSO integrations as well as automated payments and taxes.

What is the difference between Mighty Pro and the Business Plan?

The Business plan offers all the premium features on Mighty Networks. Mighty Pro offers everything on the Business plan but it provides a white-labeled experience and one-on-one Community Design coaching.

Mighty Networks Review: Final Verdict

Mighty Networks offers the highest ROI in community engagement.

At first glance, Mighty Networks has little to offer in terms of built-in tools and course-creation features. However, the platform offers unlimited opportunities for a thriving community.

In the end, Mighty Networks isn’t centered around selling digital products. The value for the community members is the shared learning experience on a path to belonging to your mighty network.

If you’re willing to step back as an expert and listen to your community, then Mighty Networks will be your ideal platform. You’ll get recurring value from your members when they stay for each other rather than make a one-time purchase of a course.


Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.
Mihael Cacic
Miha is a writer and an expert in comparative content. After graduating from Physics, Mihael left his job as a software engineer developing SaaS products and began writing about them instead. He gets a kick from writing in-depth, objective, and though through software reviews, knowing his readers will find the best software for their needs.