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From The Desk Of: Mihael D. Cacic
Subject: 5 Minutes Is All You Need To Become A Better Marketer

18 months ago I was living in my parent’s attic. I just graduated and wanted to start my first online business. However, no matter how hard I tried, I could not even sell $50 worth of writing services on job boards…

Fast forward to today.

I run a successful content marketing agency, 21writers, where we help SaaS companies & service businesses scale with SEO content marketing — and we’re getting paid minimum five-figure retainers to do so.

Lots of budding entrepreneurs & freelancers wanna be in my position — I know because I’ve been one myself.

… and lots of CMOs want my marketing knowledge — I know because I talk to them every day.

But I’m nothing special.

Everything I know about marketing and running businesses I got from reading books

Books made me go from selling $50 articles as a freelance writer… to charging $60,000 for a complete content strategy that takes me a good month to complete.

(I love books.)

It really doesn’t matter who you are…

CXO of a $10M company or a newbie entrepreneur…

Reading books is –hands down– the highest ROI activity you can do as a homo sapiens living in the 21st century… the age of information.


Picking books? Buying books? Making time to actually… Read the books?

Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo that.

Insights without the effort

Reading books is a habit, and most people are just too busy to develop one.

So it got me thinking…

… I already invested a lot of effort building this habit…

… and I’m currently on a journey of reading all the best books on marketing & business…

… well, might as well share what I learn along the way.

That way, you too can get the best of what books have to offer, without the hassle of actually reading them.

That’s why I made a newsletter
QuickFire Insights

I send an email every Thursday sharing what I learned from marketing & business books I’ve read that week.

If you also believe books are crucial for growth, but you:

  • can’t find time to read…
  • constantly pick dud titles…
  • want someone to discuss them with…
  • want a refresher on books you’ve already read…
  • want to decide if a book is worth reading before buying it…

Then you’ll LOVE this newsletter.

(Along with the community –Facebook group– that comes with it!) 

The investment is $10 per month. That’s $2.5 per insight. I’m confident you’ll get 10x or even 100x value for the money.

If you trust me that’s the case, and you wanna get started ASAP… Then hop in.

But if you need more information about what’s inside QuickFire Insights, and if this is worth ten bucks for you… then read on.


👉 QuickFire Insights – Newsletter: 500 to 1000 words of content to your inbox every Thursday. Sometimes it’s gonna be in video format, sometimes text.

👉 QuickFire Insights – Facebook Group: Community of fellow marketers. Learn from them. Share your insights. Build networks. Discuss books. Help each other. Ya know it’s cheesy, but together we are stronger.

Some books on the reading list, to get a taste of the content we’ll talk about:

  • Robert Cialdini — Influence
  • Sam Walton — Made in America
  • Jeb Blount — Fanatical Prospecting
  • Donald Miller — Building a StoryBrand
  • Chet Holmes — Ultimate Sales Machine
  • Allan Dib — The 1-page Marketing Plan
  • Russell Brunson — Secrets Series

*Subscribers can recommend and vote books in the FB group.

What this product is not

This is not an exhaustive course on how to do digital marketing & business online.

I don’t go into the nitty-gritty on “how-to” stuff. Instead, I give a 10k foot view of marketing concepts — perfect for strategies, leadership, and making sure your business isn’t missing out on any latest or fundamental concept.

Who this is for

QuickFire Insights is for:

  • Marketers & Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers & Agency owners
  • CEOs & CMOs of established companies

If any of the above is you, then you likely don’t have time to read enough books or waste time on dud titles. You want someone who’s gonna tell you the essence of a business book… through the eyes of an actual expert marketer & business owner.


Listen, if you hop in and don’t like what I’m doing or don’t feel like you’re getting value for the money… throw me a DM anytime and I’ll refund your last payment.

Ultimately I wanna help you make an informed decision. Decision if this is right for you or not. But in the end, the best way to make an informed decision is from the inside, not the outside. So hop in and then stay if you like it. Or ask me for a refund if you don’t. I won’t be butt-hurt about it & try to convince you to stay like an overly-attached boyfriend.

Fuck that.

If it turns out you don’t like it, it’s not your fault — it’s mine. Because I created wrong expectations.


There are no limited spots.

There are no time-sensitive deals.

The price is $10 / month, and I have no plans of changing that soon.

That being said, I suggest you sign up today so you can start learning & building your archive of QuickFire issues. Past issues don’t get saved and aren’t available anywhere.

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Mihael D. Cacic
Founder, 21writers