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We help SaaS companies making between $5m-$10m scale their lead generation as fast as possible with our sales-driven “content rocket” strategy.

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In April, we’ve helped scale one of our client’s lead generation from 19 to 199 per month in 7 months… 

And the total blog conversion rates from 0.03% to 0.64%…

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“Increased our blog conversions by 220%”

“Mihael completely transformed our blog and optimized it for conversions. His eye for detail is incredible and knows exactly how to create a blog that attracts customers. Highly recommend working with him.”

David Campbell
Marketing Strategist — Rightinbox

“He solved our whole marketing problem.”

“Not only has Mihael written impressive texts, he is also a remarkable visionary, planner and strategist. Through analysis, he quickly created a comprehensive content plan and started solving our problems one by one and step by step. I can only talk in superlatives about him.”

Simon Sanda
CEO, Founder — Illuspire

“He is smart, honest, thorough, and very easy to work with.”

“We love working with Mihael. As a startup, we needed it all: strategy, content, style, and everything in between. Mihael is smart, honest, thorough, and very easy to work with. A perfect mix of listening and advising — without him, we would be lost!”

Crist Khachikian
Founder — GrantPuma

“I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

“Mihael’s insights on content strategy is a breath of fresh air. He is very articulate and passionate about what he does and it shows in the quality of his work. After just a few strategy calls, I had a clear content marketing plan of how to market my agency. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Imani Roberts
Founder — Copywriters Corner

“21writers is a one-stop if you’re looking for marketing help!”

“Mihael is an amazing guy and a great content specialist! I’m so happy to work with him and really impressed by his knowledge and expertise in content strategy, planning and writing. 21writers is a one-stop if you’re looking for professional content marketing help!”

Andriy Zapisotskyi
Growth Marketing Lead — Mailtrap

“Mihael always delivers value packed content”

“Most writers are garbage. Good thing Mihael isn’t most writers. He always delivers actionable, insightful, and value packed content making it a no-brainer to work with him. If you’re looking for a content writer or strategist, you’d be crazy to not give Mihael a call.”

Lucas Wollschlager
Marketing Expert — Baremetrics

“Best agency work I’ve read!”

“I am so happy we got in touch with Mihael. He did a phenomenal job on our articles. He has a wonderful attitude and can-do spirit! Kudos! Here’s to a bright future together!”

Lia Schmidt
VP of Content Marketing — Insider.

“His techniques actually work”

“Mihael is great. All his writing is top-notch and the link building techniques he employs actually work (unlike a lot of other link builders that don’t care if it looks spammy or is completely irrelevant). Quick, thorough, effective and very friendly – a solid recommendation for anybody looking to hire a content marketer.”

Vlad Orlov
Brand Partnerships — Respona

“A true long-form master.”

“I’ve worked with Mihael on a number of projects and he always overdelivered. He’s a perfectionist that makes sure every word and sentence is in the right place and isn’t fluff. The real kind of stuff that attracts links and moves the needle. A true long-form master.”

Vikas Kalwani
Mentor — 500 Startups

“Mihael is a content writer extraordinaire!”

“Mihael is a content writer extraordinaire! He writes with clarity and ease, which makes it easy for his audience to understand what he’s talking about. Michael has the rare ability to take complicated topics and turn them into digestible chunks of advice that are actionable, insightful, and full of value. If you’re looking for someone who can take your business’ blog to new heights — then it sounds like Mihael might be just what you need!”

Marija Mladenovska
Content Manager — DigitalNovas

“Mihael in 3 words: Genius. Witty. Quick. Brilliant”

“That was actually 4 words, but it’s a pretty good way to describe my experience working with Mihael. I’ve worked with many content marketers/consultants over the years and seldom do I find someone who over-delivers and makes the process as easy and efficient as possible. Throw in a great sense of humor and it makes working with him a no-brainer.”

Jessica La
Founder —

“Took my writing to the next level…”

“Mihael is not only a masterful content strategist, but also extremely hardworking, honest, and fun to work with. During our time working together, he thoroughly critiqued my work and helped me take my writing to the next level. He’s a great mentor and a friend. If you need help with your content, go to him!”

Eilaf Meenai
Content Writer — Ramp Ventures

“His techniques actually work”

“I’ve been sitting on so much dormant potential that honestly, it’s embarrassing. It took Mihael hopping on a call with me and showing me step by step how to boost my website’s organic traffic with what I currently have, without having to produce a single new article, and without having to build a single new backlink. That you Mihael for straightening up my site and getting it ready for the exciting journey ahead. You saved me from a ton of headaches. Cheers!”

Nikola Roza
Founder — NikolaRoza: SEO for the poor and determined

“Hire him before he’s fully booked”

“Mihael is an excellent content writer. His in-depth research helps to produce engaging content for the right audience. Structuring long form content is tough and he’s one of the few who can do it right. Working with him will help you get your dream clients. Go hire him before his calendar gets fully booked.”

Samuel Ng
Content Marketer —

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