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What Is Etsy SEO?

by | 12 Aug, 2022

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Etsy search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your listing, keywords, titles, tags, and descriptions to improve product rankings on the Etsy marketplace.

Simply put, Etsy SEO makes it easier for people to find your products on Etsy.

How Does It Work?

Etsy doesn’t use Google search, it uses its own bots and algorithms to generate search results that are unique to the platform. However, you may see your products showing up in Google searches too.

So, how does Etsy SEO work?

When a search query is made, Etsy bots scour through Etsy’s inventory listings, sorting through titles, tags, categories, and attributes to find the best match.

Etsy then uses information about each listing and shop to determine how to rank the listing on SERPs.

Etsy ranks listings using context-specific ranking (CSR) technology, which learns what shoppers are interested in to show them items they’re more likely to purchase. So your search results will be customized to you.

These listings are at the top of SERPs. Here are some ranking factors used by Etsy:

  • Relevancy: Exact match keywords rank higher.
  • Listing quality score: The more people who view a listing and make a purchase, the higher that listing’s quality score and placement in search results.
  • Recency: Etsy temporarily boosts new listings in search results when they are created.
  • Customer and market experience score: Customer reviews, negative feedback, and completing your shop’s About section are factors that can affect ranking.
  • Shipping price: Etsy gives a high search ranking to stores that ship for free or offer a free-shipping guarantee to US customers.
  • Translations and language: All shop information, including the titles and tags of individual listings, must be in the language you chose when you created your Etsy account.
  • Shop location: In the EU, Australia, and Canada, local items rank slightly higher in SERPs.

How to Improve SEO for Etsy

  1. Choose a shop title that describes your products.
  2. Determine your keywords.
  3. Use your keywords in the attributes of your listing including item title, item description, and shop section.
  4. For Etsy listing titles, make use of every available character.
  5. Avoid using the same keyword too often
  6. Use good quality images of your products
  7. Drive Traffic by promoting your shop on social media and other channels
  8. Increase your customer experience score by completing all the attributes of your store, answering customer queries promptly, etc.
  9. Use the maximum amount of tags allowed in each listing. However, when it comes to tags, don’t:
    • Don’t repeat tags.
    • Don’t use a tag that’s already included in your listing’s attributes.
    • Don’t include plurals or misspellings in your tags.
    • Don’t add tags in multiple languages.
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