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by | 31 May, 2022 | Services

Hi, my name is Mihael 👋

I’m an SEO consultant with years of experience with:

  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Campaigns
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Research

… and various other website optimizations so that you can rank higher on Google and get more traffic & customers.

Results of my SEO consulting services that I did for one high-ticket SaaS company, which increased leads coming into their business by almost 10 fold in just 6 months.

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What Hiring An SEO Consultant Feels Like

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve either hired or thought about hiring an SEO expert before.

So in the rest of this post, I’ll explain exactly why your past experience with SEO might not have been positive… and give you all you need to know to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

(If you haven’t yet tried SEO and are considering hiring an expert or consultant, you don’t want to miss this.)

This article is for business owners that are serious about creating turning their blog into a revenue source and reaching the maximum potential of their content.

My Past Experience: SEO Consultants Can Be a HIT-or-MISS.

I started my career as a writer.

While working for various companies, I noticed that writers take the blame if the articles don’t perform. And I get it – they’re getting paid to provide content that should get results.

However, ranking is actually not a writer’s job.

Nonetheless, I felt like I had to turn myself into an SEO expert if I wanted to be a good copywriter. Why? Because:

  1. I wanted my articles to get the chances they deserved;
  2. SEO experts working for the companies didn’t do their job well enough (or they didn’t have an SEO expert at all);
  3. Companies that paid me deserved to get content that will drive desired results.

My SEO sense is telling me that you’re probably here because of points 2 and 3.

I’ve seen how much damage a bad search engine optimization strategy can do. I’d even go as far as to say that NO strategy is better than a BAD strategy. At least you know you didn’t put any effort and money into it, so you don’t expect your content to work.

On average an SEO specialist costs you $49,000 and an SEO consultant $85,000 per year. Those salaries are the least of your losses if they don’t get it right. Content coming from a bad strategy will get buried. Promotional efforts will flop. Anything your team does just won’t bring any results.

Let’s avoid this worst-case scenario and give your company the chance it deserves! I’ll help you tell apart MISS SEO Consulting Services from HIT SEO Consulting Services.

THE MISSES: Strategies For Offering The Worst SEO Services.

Miss #1: Most SEO Consultants Don’t Take Responsibility For The Results.

Before anything, I’ll point out one major red flag: an SEO consulting company that gives you too-good-to-be-true promises, guarantees, and their firstborns. I wish I didn’t have to say it, but they’re laying it on thick. No #1 position on Google, no permanent ranking, and no conversion rate can be guaranteed. That’s not how SEO works.

What they should promise is responsibility for the success of their efforts, though.

Unfortunately, for you, in SEO consulting there’s no way of knowing if their services will be working for you before the actual work is completed. And even after that, it usually takes some time to reap the fruits.

So, one thing is making promises that can’t be kept because of the ever-changing nature of SEO. It’s on you to avoid getting swindled with those. However, you’re hiring these SEO consultants to do a job, ideally a good job. They’ll have to give you a taste of what they can do for you. They’ll have to give you some tangible proof that they can do a good job. And this is where you should expect a promise.

A promise to be accountable for metrics that actually drive business growth.

More about how this should look in the HIT SEO Consulting Services section.

Miss #2: They Optimize For Keywords Impossible To Rank For.

SEO is a long-term investment.

This discourages some companies from investing in it. At certain business stages, you’re just looking for quick wins and that’s completely fine. However, I found that sometimes the long-term SEO gets an undeserving bad rep. Because of some ‘experts’, the waiting period for results becomes never-ending. They never come.

I’ve had some clients come to me basically as non-believers in SEO consulting. Seeing it as a scam. As it turned out their SEO ‘experts’ were actually scamming them without even knowing it themselves.

At first sight, it looked like they’d done their job to a T. The keyword research spreadsheet was extensive, the conditional formatting showed the ‘best’ keywords to rank for very clearly, and the topics for content were set accordingly. But once the content was out… all they got were crickets.

The problem was that they were optimizing their pages for keywords that were impossible to rank for. They picked fights beyond their weight class. It came to this because the SEO consultant had a surface-level understanding of data.

they barely looked over the keyword volume and difficulty. There’s a lot more to be taken into consideration.

While I agree that SEO doesn’t work like a light switch – there are some quick ‘n’ easy ways and there are slow ‘n’ steady ways. A healthy balance of both is what I go for in my strategies, making my clients happy short- and long-term.

Miss #3: They Optimize For Robots, Not For People.

Whether it’s keyword stuffing or AI writing, I see it everywhere: barely readable articles with questionable content… Their only purpose is feeding keywords to crawling bots.

But nowadays crawling bots are WAY smarter than they were in 2016.

They can understand content just like a human would.

That’s why SEO consultants who focus too much on optimizing for robots are making a huge mistake. Their service can

  • Hurt your brand with bloat content
  • Cause visitors to bounce
  • Make your site look old
  • Drop existing rankings
  • Lead to negative ROI

It makes no sense.

Your ultimate goal in investing in SEO is to sell your products, services, whatever. Even if stuffing in the keywords actually gets you ranking, does it help increase conversions? I don’t think so.

THE SOLUTION: My Strategy For Offering World-Class SEO Consulting Services.

Now that I’ve shown you how to recognize the MISSes in SEO consulting, it’s only fair that you get to know the HITs. I learned from my own and others’ mistakes, took the MISSes, and turned them into HITs. It allowed me to provide the most quality SEO consulting services for companies like yours.

Keep on reading to learn how quality consulting services should work.

Hit #1: I Vow To Take Responsibility For Reaching Your SEO Goals.

Most companies get into the SEO game with some goals and visions in mind.

I bet you’re reaching towards traffic, leads, conversions, and business growth, too. It’s not the keyword sheet, the number of SEO-optimized articles, or the backlink count that you really care about. It’s what they can bring you.

I won’t be the person telling you it’s all a gamble in the SEO game. I won’t make any uncalled promises either. I will, however, be completely transparent about:

  • How my strategies helped my previous clients – graphs and all;

👇see the example👇

  • What are the realistic SEO goals for your website;
  • Exactly what needs to be done to reach defined goals;
  • Disclosing the full scope of the pricing for your chosen services upfront, without unexpected additional costs;
  • Reporting on what we’re working on weekly;
  • Tracking and reporting on the status of your SEO goals;
  • Carefully distinguishing in measurements what our efforts brought and what came from other efforts;
  • All that can be done to uphold once reaching your goals.

Everything listed will leave you thoroughly prepared for what you’re diving into, what your expectations should be, and what you’ll get for the price you pay. This is how I take full responsibility for reaching your SEO goals – by laying my cards completely open. No gambling with me.

Hit #2: With Background In Theoretical Physics And Software Development… I Make No Guesses, Only Mathematically Supported Solutions.

After years in theoretical physics and software engineering, it’s become impossible for me to make guesses anymore. Occupational deformity at its best.

I took that deformity and employed it within my SEO expertise. It led me to develop tools and mathematical models that help me determine exactly which keywords a website can actually rank for at any given time. Along with my profound understanding of data, this significantly decreases the probability of me choosing unfit keywords for your website.

In fact, I’m literally calculating the probability of chosen keywords to be ranking in the determined time frame. And that’s the least of it.

Basically, I don’t let myself leave any stones unturned in my strategy, so I make sure:

  • I have topical authority;
  • There’s an on-page SEO gap;
  • I can close the gap on off-page SEO;
  • I take advantage of every given content opportunity;
  • Competitors have a weaker interlinking game;
  • Your DR is higher than the average for that SERP;
  • I can invest in the design that’s 10x better than what’s ranking;
  • I can interview an expert on the topic to create unique content;
  • I make use of every tactic I know.

No guesses. Only solutions.

Hit #3: I Cater To Your Audience Like It’s My Business. Because It Is.

After my rant on optimizing for robots and not for people in the MISS section, I’ll explain myself here.

Creating a piece of content that ranks for valuable SEO keywords involves a lot more than just including keywords in your article. The structure of the content, the arguments inside, and the details included matter.

Sure, you can do this without knowing your audience all that well.

But will it bring your product closer to your audience? Why would it? If you don’t care, they don’t either.

Essentially, you’re paying me to help you sell your product. It’s a tale as old as marketing that you can’t sell if you don’t know who you’re selling to. So I make it my business to get to know your audience and cater to them with the quality content they’ll respond to. They know what’s up and Google knows what’s up. Google wants to surface the best content for the appropriate audience so that the audience is happy, too.

Nailing search intent, hitting their pain point, getting on the same expertise level, and answering their actual questions in detail – that’s the gist of my approach to delivering content that your audience appreciates. Simple as that.

Bonus Hit: I Have The Privilege To Devote 100% Of My Focus To Your Company.

I won’t turn this into a small agency vs. a large agency throwdown. No David vs. Goliath. Because I’ll be completely biased here.

I can’t speak on behalf of large SEO agencies and what they can do for you, because:

  1. I’m not a large agency;
  2. Every agency works differently;
  3. Every client has their own needs, expectations, and resources.

I can speak on behalf of myself and my small agency, though. Experience with larger agencies helped me set up my own – in a way that I, as a client, would enjoy working with.

Following are the benefits of working with a small agency me and my agency 👇

What You Can Expect When You Hire Me

  • I take up only one client at a time.

There’s a 100% focus on your company alone, almost as if we’re your in-house team.

  • We deliver unique solutions for each company.

We merge with your challenges to provide the most optimal service. We don’t deliver end results with a copy-paste process.

  • I put quality over quantity in everything I do.

You’ll get the highest-quality end product from a team of highly skilled professionals. I’m investing a lot into training my own team rather than outsourcing.

  • We’ll be communicating directly and personally.

You won’t be getting some ‘account manager’ to pose as a middleman. You’ll be talking to me personally. This way we avoid losing information, and trust, over unnecessary channels.

  • Our selling point is passion.

We don’t have a sales team to be selling for us. You’ll get a completely authentic approach. No selling tactics, just us and our eagerness to learn more and teach more.

My way is absolutely not the right way for every company. Some may need things done as fast as possible, don’t need much focus on the quality of the end product, and don’t have time for communicating back and forth a lot. A great way of just getting things done ASAP. And that’s completely fine.

Anyways, if you recognize that my way would be a great fit for you, hit me up! 😉

10 Essential Components Of My SEO Consulting Services

  1. Comprehensive SEO, Link & Website Audits
  2. In-Depth Competitor Analysis
  3. Keyword Research & Strategy
  4. SEO Roadmap
  5. SEO Guidance
  6. SEO Implementation
  7. Content Strategy
  8. SEO Writing Services
  9. Link Profile Consulting and Link Building
  10. SEO Reports & Web Analytics

Full Scope Of My SEO Consulting Services

1. Comprehensive SEO, Link & Website Audits

An extensive SEO audit gives us accurate insight into where you stand in the sense of SEO and helps us determine our further direction.

Basically, we find out what needs fixing: discover any web-health issues, missed ranking opportunities, and possible Google penalties that will have a significant impact on your business growth.

I cover:

  • web and sales metrics,
  • keyword rankings,
  • HTML and CSS,
  • HTTPS encryption,
  • duplicates,
  • crawling and indexing criteria,
  • site structure and sitemap,
  • internal links and redirects,
  • on-page and off-site optimizations,
  • content quality,
  • image optimization,
  • backlinks,
  • website usability

… and more.

2. In-Depth Competitor Analysis

You can’t beat your competitors if you don’t know what they’re doing.

I find & analyze both your business and domain competitors (yep, there’s a difference). This way we can learn from their strategy: replicate what works, and discard what doesn’t.

The analysis includes:

  • keyword strategy,
  • content strategy,
  • social media strategy,
  • paid advertising strategy,
  • backlinking strategy

… and anything else that is important for your particular niche.

3. Keyword Research & Strategy

An economist would say keyword research is an analysis of “supply and demand”…

And he would be right.

Through keyword research, we learn how people are searching for topics related to your business; and which of these topics you can easily rank for because your competitors haven’t written any content about them.

Keyword research (and SEO for that matter) is not about generating new demand; it’s about finding out what people are searching for, giving them the answers, and pitching your product as a potential solution.

After learning about your company, audience, and competitors, we dive into the data:

  1. Picking seed keywords that we use as the basis for our research.
  2. Sorting newly found keywords into clusters regarding your company goals, audience search intent, type of content, etc.
  3. Running the keywords through my unique SEO model to determine, which of the thousands of collected keywords will work best for your website.

At this point, many SEOs would prioritize the keywords by Keyword Difficulty (KD) and search volume…

But I go beyond that. I take into consideration the ranking probability, the number of backlinks needed to rank, domains you need backlinks from, average domain rating of the search results, expected traffic, and much more.

4. SEO Roadmap

After I learn everything I need to know, I can deliver a search engine optimization roadmap.

It’s essentially a strategic document that defines what you should be doing to achieve your goals.

It includes:

  • my findings on your current state of SEO
  • results of keyword research
  • content audit results
  • necessary actions

… and anything else you might need to successfully make drastic improvements to your SEO.

5. SEO Guidance

We’ve not only been developing and consulting on SEO strategies but also employing them in the field. If needed, our SEO consulting team will gladly assist you in implementing the SEO tactics and teach your team how to implement everything themselves.

Our favorite thing to do is to help your team reach a level, where they use SEO tactics on every piece of content, without any help.

SEO Implementation

Concerning the previous point, if you don’t have the time and resources to implement the SEO strategy on your own devices, there’s no shame in that! We’ll happily put everything to work for you.

Content Strategy

Keyword strategy is just a starting point for the content strategy. You can’t do one without the other. If you need help creating a content development process, executing a content calendar, and preparing writer’s briefs – I know some great guys and girls that can do that for you 😉

SEO Writing Services

Started at the bottom copywriting, now we here. We still write A LOT of SEO-supported content, and after becoming SEO experts we’ve gotten better at it than ever. Creating a healthy balance between SEO content and human content is our grand forte. Our articles cater greatly to your audience at the expert level they deserve, while including the crucial elements for Google to like it as well.

We do everything from blog posts and landing pages, to press releases — whatever you need to get written!

Link Profile Consulting and Link Building

A thorough analysis of your current backlink profile — types of links, anchor text, domain quality, and relevance — gives us great insight into what needs fixing.

A good backlink profile will improve your ranking positions, increase traffic, increase your content visibility, and more. Meanwhile, a bad backlink profile will hurt everything mentioned before and might even get you penalized or completely removed from the organic search index. It’s not something to play with.

I’ve been building backlinks for some time now and I’ve seen how malicious it can get. I’ve learned the hard way how to build healthy, quality backlinks that take into account your industry, open opportunities, and legitimate collaborations.

SEO Reports & Web Analytics

When working with us, we don’t like to keep you in the dark. Besides regular updating on the process and presenting the outputs along the way, our last deliverable to you is the SEO report. It includes every bit of our findings, recommendations, and guidance — everything that we’ve worked on and how to uphold it without us.

Upon a request, we’ll help you set up any needed web analytics, so you (and, if allowed, we) can follow the key performance metrics and see how our efforts are working for your website.

How Can My Consulting Services Help Your Business?

More Visibility

No one will ever find you on the second page on Google.

It’s soul-crushing to see how much effort you put into the most perfect design, UI, and content, just to have it fall short of the first page because of average optimization.

My SEO services will fix that.

Through world-class optimization, I’ll bring more awareness to your brand and thus make all your marketing efforts easier.

More Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of SEO campaigns.

The higher your website ranks for correct keywords, the more visible it will be to your ideal audience, and the more traffic you’ll get.

It’s very important that we continually optimize your site to push it to the #1 spot — which gets more traffic than positions #2, #3, #4 and #5 combined [*].

The fortune is in the top-ranking position; and with my SEO services, that’s what we aim for.

More Leads

It’s true that traffic is the lifeblood of SEO… But it’s important that both the traffic and your business have the same blood type.

If you optimize your articles for the wrong keywords, you might get more visitors — but those visitors will never become customers.

We need an audience with lots of buying potential.

Through my consulting services, I’ll help you identify all the important “money-making” keywords in your industry that you need to rank for.

More Customers

Good thoughts and prayers won’t help you convert leads into customers.

Even warm leads can turn cold if your “consideration” articles aren’t properly optimized and you’re nurturing them with the wrong content.

My SEO Consulting Services will solve that.

More Happy Faces 🤠

I always do everything in my power so that you, your team, and your customers are satisfied with my services.

Work With Me

If you are a SaaS company, an eCommerce Brand, or a service-based business…

Then click here to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Mihael D. Cacic
“Digital Marketing Mad Scientist”

Physicist turned SEO Content Marketer. Teaching you how to make hyper-profitable blogs in hyper-efficient ways.

Mihael is a digital marketing mad scientist. He’s a sharp marketer with high energy and lots of ideas. The work he did leveled up our whole team.”

Sujan Patel

Founder, MailShake

Most recent win:

Mihael Cacic Signups

Increased monthly signups from 20 to 200/month in 7 months for one client.

Mihael increased our blog conversions by 2250%. His eye for detail is incredible and knows exactly how to create a blog that attracts customers. Highly recommend working with him.

David Campbell

Marketing Strategist, Rightinbox

Saying that Mihael is a content marketing guru is an understatement. His attention to detail is on another level. He doesn’t give room to the slightest mistake and makes sure each piece is the best out there.

Martin Angila

Writer, Notch Content

Mihael is brilliant, organized, considerate, and honest. A rare mix in today’s world. He is extremely analytical and can grasp complex topics quickly. If you’re looking to grow your blog, listen to Mihael – he knows what he’s doing.

Lia Parisyan Schmidt

Brand Strategist

We love working with Mihael. As a startup, we needed it all: strategy, content, style, and everything in between. Mihael is smart, honest, thorough, and very easy to work with. A perfect mix of listening and advising — without him, we would be lost!

Crist Khachikian

Founder, Grant Puma

Mihael is an amazing guy and a great content specialist! I’m so happy to work with him and really impressed by his knowledge and expertise in content strategy, planning, and writing. He’s a one-stop if you’re looking for professional content marketing help!

Andriy Zapisotskyi

Growth Marketing Lead, Mail Trap

Not only has Mihael written impressive texts, he is also a remarkable visionary, planner and strategist. Through analysis, he quickly created a comprehensive content plan and started solving our problems one by one and step by step. I can only talk in superlatives about him.

Simon Sanda

Founder, Illuspire

Most writers are garbage. Good thing Mihael isn’t most writers. He always delivers actionable, insightful, and value packed content making it a no-brainer to work with him. If you’re looking for a content writer or strategist, you’d be crazy to not give Mihael a call

Lucas Wollschlager

Marketing Expert, Baremetrics

I’ve worked with Mihael on a number of projects and he always overdelivered. He’s a perfectionist that makes sure every word and sentence is in the right place and isn’t fluff. The real kind of stuff that attracts links and moves the needle. A true long-form master.

Vikas Kalwani

Mentor, 500 Startups

Mihael in 3 words: Genius. Witty. Quick. Brilliant. That was actually 4 words, but it’s a pretty good way to describe my experience working with Mihael. I’ve worked with many content consultants over the years and seldom do I find someone who over-delivers and makes the process as easy and efficient as possible. Throw in a great sense of humor and it makes working with him a no-brainer.

Jessica La

Founder, ByJessicaLa

I’ve been sitting on so much dormant potential that honestly, it’s embarrassing. It took Mihael hopping on a call with me and showing me step by step how to boost my website’s organic traffic with what I currently have, without having to produce a single new article, and without having to build a single new backlink.

Nikola Roza

Founder, NikolaRoza