Get 100 to 10,000 leads every month — or you don’t pay.
(First results in 7 days or less.)

Starbird is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) service for your blog.
It helps you get more customers by showing personalized messages to your visitors.

Who it’s for

Starbird is for you if have a blog with over 10,000 monthly traffic. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with converting visitors into leads, and leads into customers. You aren’t happy with industry standard 1-2% conversion rates (or less), that don’t make good of your investment into content marketing. You want to see more results and bigger ROI.

What it helps you achieve

You can expect results in the first week: our standard system can improve anyone’s blog conversion rates. But to get groundbreaking results, we need to adapt the system for your website, which requires testing.

In 8 weeks or less you can expect:

  • 5% blog conversion rates or more.
  • Higher quality leads coming to your business.
  • Descriptions of most popular avatars visiting your blog.

Conversion rates improve over time, up to 15%.

How it works

Here is the simple answer. We “talk” with your visitors using exit intents, notification bars, price/loss calculators, welcome mats, timed popups, or even chatbots.

With these, we find out who’s reading your articles: their budgets, challenges, industries, etc. We look for patterns, and group visitors together. Then, we create lead magnets for each group. Finally, we show offers for the lead magnets at just the right time and place.

When visitors convert through our forms, they get tagged as “21writers” lead. Every two weeks, we filter out tire-kickers and bill for the rest.

Here is the complex answer. Our service flowchart.

How much does it cost

We take a cut out of every lead that we generate. We like this model, because you pay us with money you otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s a win-win.

The value of a lead depends on your LTV and closing rate. We’ll settle for a fair price based on that, so you can have healthy margins.

Do we also turn leads into customers?

Yes. We can write email sequences that turn leads into customers. In this case, we charge for every customer we bring to your business. But we don’t offer this to everyone.

How to get started

If you have a blog with over 10,000 monthly traffic, schedule a call using the calendar below. I’ll meet you on Zoom to see if Starbird is a good fit. If you have any questions, email